wheel size for competition

I was wondering :

Does a standart tire of a Muni (for exemple the original tire on a KH or a Qu-Ax Muni) fit with the rule :
“For 24“ wheels, the outside diameter of the tire may not be larger than 24.333“ (61.8cm)”?

I have heard that 24" muni tires are actually something like 26".
Don’t take that as a definite answer cuz that’s just what I’ve heard.

The Muni tyre will deffinitely not fit within this requirement, they are usually 26 to 27 inches diametre. However, some 26" racing tyres will fit within the 24" requirement such as this one: http://www.unicycle.com/Shopping/shopexd.asp?id=721
due to the very low tyre profile. Your best bet is probably the Nimbus 24" tyre, which will probably fit on a muni rim and is just inside the 24" limit. You’re also going to need some shorter cranks to compete on a muni, 165 or 170mm cranks are very slow, 125s or shorter would give you more of a sporting chance.

Actually 125 is the minimum allowed crank length for 24" wheels.

I was asking for any kind of race including Muni.
I haven’t read that rule on the 2004 competition rulebook: “Muni… Generally there are no restrictions on wheel size or crank arm length” because I’ve used an old version of the rulebook.

Do you know what was applied before, when the special rule for the Muni didn’t exist?

For the MUni events, it is basically unlimited. Any size wheel and crank length you want.

Before that rule, but after MUnis were starting to be common, we used that rule anyway. It didn’t get added to the rulebook right away. Before MUnis were common, it was the same rules as for track (that’s what we were riding anyway).

The first Unicon MUni race (we didn’t call it MUni yet) was at Unicon IV in Puerto Rico, 1988. It had muddy puddles and at least one sand trap. It was a blast. Unicon V (Hull, Quebec, 1991) we didn’t really have one. Unicon VI (Quebec City, 1992) it was on a wood-chip fitness trail. Unicon VII (Minneapolis, 1994) it was on grass, a road, and some nice singletrack. Unicon VIII (Guildford, England, 1996) had an Orienteering competition on bridal paths and various dirt and sand. At this point some riders were starting to have actual mountain unicycles, which were allowed. Unicon IX (Bottrop, Germany, 1998) it was Orienteering again, with a few more MUnis, but mostly still 24" street or track unis. Unicon X (Beijing, 2000) It was a proper dirt race with hills and more MUnis, but still some of the winning riders were on 24" street unis. Unicon XI (Snoqualmie Summit, Washington, 2002) the race was about 2 miles of rough, rocky downhill. All the top winners were on MUnis.