Wheel size and a weight of unicycles - popular-science video

It turns out that the relation between these values are not so obvious. Researchers of the Sunday School of Joyfull Wipe-outs in Poland discovered and described the mathematical relations that govern one wheel world. It is worth to take that knowledge, for example, buying a new unicycle.


I wanted a strong seat base, so I ended up with carbon in stead of thick metal.
I wanted a strong frame, so ended up with 3 titanium ones.
Then I wanted to just try titanium spokes,
and meanwhile bough titanium spoke nipples.
And came across a second hand titanium hub.
Also I switched to Venture cranks.
And last but not least I wanted a more flexible tyre, which is so thin it’s only 345g.
I was NOT at all trying to get a light unicycle, but now it’s < 3.4 KG !!!

So I can understand the many UPD’s in that video.
A unicycle without enough mass is very hard to control!