Wheel seems to be pulling to the left

I ride a 20" kh/onza trials. I have had this for about 2 and half years now. Went for a short ride yesterday and after a few jumps ere and there it felt like it was pulling towards the left!? I just taken the cranks off and they seem to be straight, but when i put them back on i cant seem to get them to be completly opposite each other, could it be the hub?
Anyone got ne ideas?

ive heard that the 05 KH cranks can have problems listing, but im not sure how ti fix it

err… I’m not an expert of the KH/onza hub design but I have worked on a Onza unicycle before and I think they both use the 36 spline design so you should be able to to get them straight. Get one side on and then line up the crank on the other side (make sure the splines are in line) and give it the lightest tap so it stays on and the screw them on with the allen bolts.

If they were 180degrees to each other before you took them off and assuming you haven’t damaged any splines it should be perfectly possible to get them on 180degrees to each other again.

As for leaning to the left check these things.

  1. The seat is straight (ie. not pointing out to the left or right)
    2.Check The wheel lateraly true (sideways buckle)
  2. Check the wheel is dished properly (the rim should be in the centre of the frame)
  3. Check you have the right size bearing spacers on each side of the hub axle as the axle maynot be centralised in your hub, which would mean you would have one crank protruding more than the other.
  4. Check your pedal axles aren’t bent (take the pedals off and turn them with your fingers and feel for an oval roatation rather than circular).
    6.Check for bent crank arms (I can’t think of an easy way to check this accept by taking them off and comparing them, but if both are bent you might not be able to see the bend)
    7.Check that the hub axle isn’t bent (take the cranks off and watch the axle spin, it should spin in a circular way, NOT ovalish.

Hope that helps, I can’t think of anything else that would cause it to feel like it’s leaning. oh and sorry the list isn’t really in any order, it’s just the order that the ideas came into my head.

i had my uni in pieces and think i may have discoverd the problem. the rim is true and centred in the frame (without tyre and inner tube) but when the tyre and tube go on it seems to be slightly off centre.

[EDIT] - I’ve just thought of two obvious thing to check (I’m such a moron), check the frame isn’t bent or twisted. Check that the seat set up is correct because it’s possible that you have bent the seatpost or the seat in someway that makes the unicycle feel off centre.

When you check if the rim is in the centre of the frame (no tyre) you need to measure it (even if it looks like it’s in the centre) either with a dishing tool (most good bike shops have them) or by measuring the rim distance to the fork leg on both sides and compare the values (quite a few unicycles have fork legs that bend inwards so you need to be careful that you measure at the same length down the fork leg on each side).

When your checking it’s true run your finger very close to the rim as well (just because it ‘looks’ true doesn’t mean it is)

I’ve never seen a tyre that makes the wheel off centre before - try putting the tyre on the other way round - but keeping the rim facing the same way in the frame, if it’s exactly the same as before (a bit to the same side as before) then it’s the dish of the rim that needs tweaking. If the wheel is a bit to the other side when you put the tyre on then something is wrong with the tyre (though personally I think it’s unlikely).

Let us know how it goes.

Also, make sure you wasnt riding with a PSP or heavy music playing device in one pocket :stuck_out_tongue:

But also the yre, if you inflate it to a high psi it should clip into place on the rim (the beading of the tyre is puched out ot the small ridge just on the inside of the rim.) then deflate to your desired pressure, or also before you inflate the tyre applying abit of pressure to the uni roll it around with the tyre flat for one or two roations to make sure all the beadng is inside the rim properly… hopefully that might help also, a tip for checking your wheel is true, cable tie a screwdriver to your frame so its touching your rim , spin your wheel see if the screwdrivers moved outwards


Are you sure you didnt bend your rim, because I have the same problem and my rims all tweaked.

is your seat straight?
Are your pedals fine?

Its probably the rim