Wheel Rated to 10 inches..........???????

on some of the trials uni’s it says "wheel rated to drops 10 inches or less by riders weighing less than 150 pounds. Is that just some kind of a precaution? or is it true? theres a link to an example, im not sure if im gonna buy it if it can only handle 10 inches http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=744

I think it’s more of a “don’t whine at us if you break this” thing. Like a semi-disclaimer.

If you want to do cool stuff, save up for a stronger (splined) wheelset.

Those ratings aren’t really true. Some riders weighing 150 lbs may break it on a 10" drop, but others can easily take it off a 4 foot drop without breaking anything. Whether or not a wheel breaks is based a lot on your tecnique.

any good/cheap Trials unis that are splined? i cant afford any thing over 230$

save another 20 and buy a torker on ebay.

they just want you to buy a more expensive uni; marketing ploy!

It think it’s kindof a “it will survive drops of 10 inches for sure if you weigh 150 or less.”

I know it took me more than 3 feet to bend those cranks, but it’s a minimum limit.

I think this one is the cheapest splined one out there.

You just need to go out and mow a couple of lawns.

lol i have bee looking at that, im not sure tho, that is a hell of a lot of lawns, i already have 50$, but i dont wanna mow, lawns, hmmmmmmmmmm ill have to thonk of what i can do for that much money, any ideas?

well if you don’t plan on spending more than $200
its a 2005 torker DX … you won’t break it, its awesome :slight_smile:
and its way cheaper than the 06 and the axle is just as strong :slight_smile:

He just needs to know that its technically not a trials unicycle even though its splined and could possibly be used as such.

is it really weak or sumthing?

No, the 05 torker is just as strong as the 06 except for maybe the rim but the tire on the 05 is a 20"x1.95" and not a 19"x2.5" trials wheel which would be more bouncy.

Compare the tires in the images:

Wasn’t there a huge thread a while back about how incredibly aweful BicycleSouce is?

EDIT: Here it is --> :sunglasses:

bicyclesource has had very mixed reviews, some people have had very nice results from them and others not so much.

The rim on the older DX is much much weaker, it is the same rim as on the LX. Plus, the 2.5 trials tire absorbs drops sooo much better.

what ever you do… DONT buy a torker dx off of ebay. it voids the warrenty. believe me, i know from experience! buy it off of unicycle.com

p.s. you might need the warrenty;)

i bent them cranks at BUC… on the first day trying to crankflip of this wall thing

i landed hard on the frount peddle, all my weight was on it and it just wrecked.

it was fun to ride after thoug

There is no way to rate a wheel or unicycle for drop heights. There are too many variables, the least-mentioned of which is how many times. Metal fatigue is what usually leads to broken axles or cranks. A really cheap unicycle can be destroyed by just beginner hopping, no higher than 3". It’s just a matter of how many hops, and how hard.

So a 10" rating is intended to give people the idea of a safe range in which a wheel/crankset should hold up for a very long time. Go outside that range and eventually it will break.

10" isn’t even a drop. It’s more like a little bump in the road.