Wheel Pull

Well, after heading home from a late night D&D session, I finaly turned out the light at 4 am. Watching Sophie got me up at 9 am; soon there after, neighbordhood kids came by to play with the runt. These kids live out in the country, mostly in shanty-style trailers. In some ways they are lucky- they are not distracted by simulated video game life and the like. They demenstrated cartwheels, bending over backword and standing on their hands- and back flips. Wow. My 24" United is way to tall for them to reach the pedals, but they were all psyched to try, so I pulled the seat off the Coker, and most of the bigger kids could at least get on. When the money is there, I’ll buy 'em a small wheel and start teaching them how to ride. With any luck, I’ll learn how to do a back flip. (by the way: if anyone has outgrown a kids uni and wants to donate it to some poor kids in Mississippi, let me know where to send the money for shipping)

Anyway, a diaper change later, me and Sophie are at the park for several hours. After her mom got off work and I’d handed her over, I thought I would be too wiped out to ride. Some how I found a huge resurve of energy when passing over the spill way at the resiviour- a new overpass in mid construction was straddling a frothy chazm. I ended up ridding all alround the construction, including carlessly strewn huge steal I-beams that angeled out over the river. I REALY wanted to ride the overpass, but all the concreate had not been poured, and there were many 2 foot gaps I couldn’t bring myself to attempt. Warmed up, I jumped on the Coker for a few miles of sprinting.

Headed home, I passed my favorite off road place to tresspass on public land, and had to stop. I managed to clean the hardest part of the ride, a seriese of heavly erroded clay climbs, without a dismount for the first time. As I balanced atop the last minor hill before the assent to the top, I heard some one calling out to me. The police, I thought. Turned out to be a reporter who had seen me exit the freeway and head for the hills. He had promptly pulled his car off road and chaced after me. He started screaming when he could not keep up. Since he was willing to muddy his loafers to track me down, I did my duety and talked with him briefly about MUni and supplied him with contact information if he had questions. He took a couple pic’s- I’m sure I’ll look realy grungy, since I don’t shave on the week ends. At least it might garner some positive press for the sport- we’ll see how he spins it.

Anyway, sleep deprived and after several hours of riding, I’m driving home and encounter some road construction. As I aproached a sudden rise in the road from several layers of new asphault, I began to tense up- then gave a pull on the trucks stearing wheel just as I cleared it. It took me a few moments to relized what I had just done. How inane.

Now all the exertion and no sleep has left me with a head ache THIS BIG. Ok- I’ll stop babeling.

Night all,