wheel problems

okay, so i just went around the block and it feels like the wheel is wanting to slowly turn to the right, it is on a torker cx, does anybody know why this is?

This could be because the seat isn’t straight or the bolts on the fork that hold in the axel could be tightened to different amount to that the wheel leans one way. If it is the bolts it really obvious because the wheel should be in the center of the fork not to the side. Most likely, it’s the seat.

Are you a new rider. If so,

I’ve learned that the turn in my new unicycle disappeared as my riding technique improved.

I agree with One on one that it’s probably just your technique.

When I first started riding unassisted I had a tendancy to ever so slowly veer to the left, but that disappeared once my technique improved.

I’m betting that once you get better it will slowly cease to be an issue.

Also, ride on the opposite side of the road and see if the uni still pulls to the right. It could be the crown in the road.