wheel hopping

Can someone help me on wheel hopping. I can go from hopping to hopping on wheel but I can’t recover. Can someone give me a tip.


Re: wheel hopping

land with your feet on the pedals and cranks,
not just the pedals.
this makes it easier because you have a larger area to land on.

once you get that transition back from hopping on the wheel, you will already have most of the skills needed to do a 180 unispin
good luck.

There are several different ways of getting out of hop on wheel. A number of them are shown on the video “One wheel no limit” available from unicycle.com I recommend getting this if you are going to be learning lots of freestyle tricks.

Different people prefer different methods. Going directly back to the pedals is probably the most scary method although it is very good practice for building up to unispins. The advice to land on the cranks as well as the pedals is a good idea.

A couple of other methods to try are as follows:

Try putting one foot down first, followed by the other when you are almost sitting on the seat. You leave one foot up on the wheel for as long as possible while twisting around to sit on the seat and placing the other foot on the pedal. You can then take the foot off the wheel and place it on the other pedal. If you are good at one foot idling this method is particularly useful. Note you’ll want to tilt the unicycle towards the foot that is still on the wheel. (If you tilt it the other way the wheel will slide out from underneath you)

If you are good at wheel walking you can go directly from hop on wheel to wheel walk. This has the advantage that you can maintain contact with the tyre the entire time which means it won’t move much. The key here again is to leave your feet where they are as long as possible as you twist around to sit on the seat. Towards the end of the move the back foot leaves the tyre and as you sit down you bring it around to the front to continue forward wheel walking. Because you are transferring your momentum down and then forward this can be more fluid than going directly to the pedals where you go from moving to static. It also has the advantage you don’t need to worry about pedal position!

For the more advanced you can always go from hop on wheel to stand up wheel walk and then sit down from that :slight_smile: