Wheel hopping

How to start wheel hopping???

I have no idea of how to aproach this, and I couldn’t find any tips or tutorial.

Help a newbie !! :smiley:

What have you done so far to do it?

My way to success

Good timing! It could have been my posting this at the time you placed it! However yesterday I had my break through! :slight_smile:

All previous attempts starting from sitting on a wall or leaning against one did not lead to anything else but to pathetic failure. I did not even get an idea how it might work. :angry:

Now I did the following: I started on a lawn to gain confidence with mounting on the wheel. I put the right foot next to the frame on the wheel. Then I bent the entire unicycle slightly to the left. Now I could stand up cautiously on the wheel, since the foot was blocking the wheel against the frame and put the left foot on the opposite side of the frame on the wheel. My attempts to hop did, however, not work.

However having done this a few times (without any pro, but also without any crash) I was ready to move on to hard ground where I succeeded in doing my first hop. :slight_smile: I could then frequently hop two to four time. I even got up to seven hops.

It was still exhausting :astonished: , but this is the break trough for me. Practicing it to make it easier and gain more control looks now being straight forward to me.

Hope this helps. Low tire pressure is of course very much recommend.

You want to start off by wedging your foot into the frame so the tire doesn’t move, pull the unicycle towards that foot and hop up with your other foot on the other side of the frame. Keep your legs fairly straight and jump with your ankles while pulling up on the seat gently to provide the hop :slight_smile:

As with anything, practice and commit :wink:

Thx everyone, now I can get on the wheel easily but still can’t managed to hop. I’ll try again tomorrow and hopefully succeed :smiley:

The previous advice is right, and I found that the main things to focus on were the straight legs and keeping your feet as close as possible to the seatpost. It took me a fair while though…especially getting back onto the pedals. Good luck :slight_smile: