Wheel extender kit or multy wheeled unicycle

Hey there i would like to make a 3 wheeled unicycle so if any one is selling one or has the parts to extend another wheel i would be intesested in buying.
I live in the UK
Regars JPW

You would need two of these for a three wheeler.

If you already have wheels and just need the extensions, call them and inquire. The friendly folks at UDC in the US allowed me to by just the extension without the wheelset. The full kit would have been $150usd (£101.47) with the wheel, but just $50usd (£33.82) for the extensions and bearing caps.

PS… that’s all assuming you want to make your three wheeler out of 20" wheels. Obviously you’d need longer extensions for a larger wheel size.

I may be able to free up just the frame extensions of a 2 wheeler kit. I have a pair of the 2 wheel extention kits, I only use one, and someone is interested in just the wheel off of the second kit.

Do you have a spare wheel that could be used on an extention kit?