Wheel deal

Virtually new 24" Nimbus ISIS muni wheelset with hookworm tyre, spare maxxis inner tube and Nimbus Venture ISIS 125mm cranks. Nimbuls gel saddle with red side panels,2 spare tyres and tubes AND a qu-ax 20" street frame. The whole lot for $200NZ


how much for just the wheelset and cranks?

$150 excluding postage

If that’s $150 for the wheel and cranks. Will you sell everything else (seat, seat post and frame) for $50 excluding postage?

Hiya Greenie, there is no frame - I used to stick this wheel into my KH26, but just use my 26" for everything now so don’t use the 24" wheel anymore. I only have the spare saddle. If you are in NZ there was a Nimbus frame with a post for sale on the NZforum, maybe try there…