wheel building

I think I have made a thread and seen threads similar to this a while back but I searched and didn’t really find what I was looking for. ok i have a few questions about some stuff.

1.how much does it cost at you lbs to get a wheel built
2.how much does dave stockton charge to build a wheel
3.how hard is it to build you own wheel

i hope you can answer these questions or help me answer these questions. Thanks

I think its $10 to lace the spokes (LBS) if thats what you are asking (im pretty sure it is)

everything else is so variable there is no way to tell you unless you start naming products

ok. Thanks. does the lacing include truing it to

Building a wheel is quite easy.

Best thing to do… get a wheel… set it beside you… start lacing your new wheel and follow the pattern on your other wheel…

Truing a wheel… get a clamp, clamp something to your forks or frame that almost touches the rim, like a set of brakes, and tighten away… assuming you know which spokes to tighten.

If you don’t know which spokes to tighten, someone else will post more detail.

if I build a wheel instead of buying it it will be a bc wheel but I think I am just going to buy one where I don’t have to go through the trouble of either getting it made, making it my self or anything else. i do have one question while I’m in a thread that has a little bit to do with bicycle wheel sets and i don’t want to make a new thread. My question is where can i get an axle for a unicycle hub and how would i put it any or anything because the wheel set i want might not have a wide enough axle for what i probably will do with it.

$50 plus parts and shipping; $100 plus parts and shipping for 36" are the typical figures I work with. It’s more involved than that, but that’s close enough. :slight_smile: Email me here if you like.

You need a special hub for a unicycle, which means relacing the wheel.

i’m just going to buy one already made

i meant bicycle hub. I’m sorry i didn’t notice that until it was to late to edit it

I bought some rims for my bike a few weeks back, they had super wide axels… I’m sure you can find an axel long enough for what you need.

I know this thread is a week or two old but I figured since I already had this thread I shouldn’t make another thread that has to do with something about this. Ok my question is where can I get spokes the right size for a wheel when I build one. I am thinking about building my next wheel for a BC when I build my trials Bc witch will be when I get enough money to buy it and everything. Until then I’ll just use the BC wheel I got.

this involves much math and measuring do a google search for spoke calculators. also some bike shops will do it for free if you buy the spoks from them

At my LBS is costs 20 bucks for the wheelbuild, another 18 for the spokes (thats a full build including truing, and custom cut spokes since I needed about 5 difference sizes).

Building the wheel is pretty easy actualy, but truing it is a pain in the ass, others will say not so much, but I’m lazy and didn’t enjoy it.

If you get your LBS to build it for you, make sure to tell them that uni wheels must withstand much more lateral force that bike wheels and that the spokes should be as tight as they can get them.

This is a must. Unless you like weak wheels that creak a lot.

I would probably get a trials BC made that I am thinking about buying after I get the money and learn to ride the BC I got now. I figured it would be cheapier to by the parts and make it then to get the trials BC from Darren.

Shipping is expensive it seems.

But it is always good to learn how to do something in case it is your last resort.

I might just build it myself because I think it would be fun to do and I could get them to true it

Truing isn’t hard, it’s just a bit time consuming.

If the rim is perfectly straight, not bent at all. Truing should be pretty easy.