wheel building

hey guys,

just wondering if you guys are building your wheels on a std wheel stand or if there is some gizmo that holds the wheel at the bearings. thanks in advance.

With a standard stand. I’ve been putting the bearings on the inside of the parts on the stand that hold the axle. This way it’s been sitting pretty solily in there and the truing stand at the bike shop has got these little bits up the top which somehow ensure that the axle isn’t hitting or scraping along the stand when it’s spinning. I’ll try to find a photo.


I’ve discovered it’s a Park TS-2 but haven’t been able to find any photos that clearly show the top of it.


The guy who builds all my wheels uses the unicycle frame itself as a truing stand. He just puts the unicycle upside down into a standard workshop bike frame clamp.

He then tapes a small piece of card or plastic to the frame, close to the rim to act as a guide to true the wheel.

I use a similar technique when truing my wheels.