Wheel Building & Tyres

I bought a unicycle off ebay as I am just starting out and didnt have much money. It seems to be OK. It has a 20 inch wheel with 20 x 1.75 tyre on it. I have a couple of old 20inch tyres lying in the shed, one is 20 x 2.25 and the other 20 x 2.25. The 2.25 will fit on for certain but are there any advantages or disadvantages to be had from fitting a wider tyre?

Also I have always fancied trying to build a wheel as I have been into mountain biking for years. I finally got round to it with an old 20inch BMX wheel. I have ran into a few problems and was wondering if anyone had tried building a wheel on here before and could help me? If so PM me or add me to MSN and I would be grateful if you could answer a few questions.

I’ve built a wheel before with no problems. If you want people to add you to IM, you might wanna leave a screen name or email address with which to add you.

Oops!:o That was a bit silly of me!!

Well michael@graingerweb.co.uk is MSN if anyone wants to talk.