Wheel Building/Truing Thread

OK…So there has been a lot of talk about wheel builds and truing with in threads, so I figured I’d come out and make it its own thread.

I have been working on truing my trails and Muni rims, and get them to a respectable level, but then they come right back out of true. skilewis74 has been helping me a lot in the Muni discussion thread(thanks again) but I have a few more questions. With multiple wobbles and a bit of an “egg” effect going on, I was wondering if i should loosen up all the spoke very loose and tension the wheel from scratch. I don’t mean un-lace it, just un-tension everything and start out from a clean slate. I have the day off tomorrow so i would like to do it then so I can ride and film by Sunday, so quick help is appreciated, but any help at any time is good.

Don’t limit this to my wheel problems either, if you have problems or questions post them in here too!

Have you seen this video, it’s pretty good at explaining the whole process.

I believe, you generally need to ride for a little while to allow the spokes to settle and then true again, or that could just be if you are using funky lacing patterns.

I posted this the other day:

great tutorial…its pretty much a video of what skilewis74 said!!!

thanks guys