Wheel Building (Spoke Length)

So, after 10 years or so of riding, I’ve decided to try my hand at wheel building. The big thing I need to know before I order my parts is the spoke length. So what do I need to know for that? I’m going for the Alex rim, but what I don’t know is the hub dimensions. How do I get the measurements/ which measurements do I need before ordering the spokes?
(I already have the hub and it’s a custom job, so I can’t give you a brand name).
Also, I was thinking of getting the black steel spokes offered at unicycle.com. Anyone have any experience with them? Do they change anything besides just looking cool?

well, this is what we use to find spoke lengths: http://www.bikeschool.com/spokes/

it seems to be pretty acurate.for that one you’ll need to know the rim’s ERD, the diameter of the hubs flanges, the half the distance between the flanges, and hub spoke hole diameter. for example, a Suzue hub, flange diameter is 63mm (not sure on this one), hub to center is 31mm, spoke hole diameter is 2.5.

but we used a verniar (sp?) caliper, just measuring the distances… maybe others can give you more measuring help. good luck

There’s a spoke length calculator at www.unicycle.uk.com/SpokeCalc.asp

I would also contact Carlos on the Bikemojo Boards…

While Uni isn’t his ride, he is the GOD of Bike Mechanics/Wheelbuilders.

If it has pedals and spokes, Carlos is 'Da Man!