Wheel Builder gets drunk....

Only gave him one drink and look what he did to my wheel!



Love the random pedals! Did anyone manage to tame the wobbly wheeled beast?

You didn’t really need a wheel builder to make that, did you? I think it was more like after a “Hey, y’all watch this!” kind of thing.

What happened to the coasting hub unicycle thing?


I recall Mike saying it was a perfectly tensioned wheel, albeit not a straight one…


friends don’t let friends drink and build wheels

JOhn, Mike Hindson built the wheel for Roger. It is strong, but due to the shape, not strong enough to hop with. The spoke are the correct size, taken into account the shape.

If is sprisingly easy to ride (I was playing with it at the club on Thursday). It feels much like an eccentric unicycle, but the think that got my was the cranks are different sizes!

Trev, the one way hub kept slipping when if was pedaled forward. I think Miark is going to try and fix it. Should be good when it does get fixed!


That wheel was fine before Paula drove the car over it.



That’s great, now you need to build a wonky rail to ride it along. :slight_smile:


That’s really cool! I don’t think it can be very strong, but it’s cool nonetheless.


Jag: any thoughts on that one?

I think its problem is that it is a bit too bent. If I do another I may keep the wheel in one plane but build it so it is not perpendicular to the axle.

That wheel is also slightly egg shaped, but not as egg shaped as originally intended because it was so hard to bend it that way. In an attempt to bend the rim into an egg shape I screwed two blocks of wood onto it & then tried to en-egg it. In the end the only way I could get enough force on it was to wedge it against a drain cover & get Paula to drive the car into it. Even then the effect was not quite as expected, it tended to taco rather than stay in one plane & become egg shaped. Then when it had become a bit egg shaped I found that the rim had splayed out so much that it wouldn’t hold the tyre, so I had to squeeze it back in again with a clamp & that reduced the egg shapedness of it. I also had an idea of making the rim kinked to have 6 lobes rather than the normal 4 you seem to get with a natural taco, but I wasn’t strong enough to make it do that.

So, the final wheel is slightly egg shaped, quite a bit oval, twisted at one end more than the other (similar to a normal taco but not exactly symmetrical) & slightly eccentric. All the spokes are tight within reason & the wheel is rigid enough to be ridden by slim adults on flat surfaces. The hub is the widest one we could find. Roger & Miarke had to modify the frame for it to have enough width to accept the wheel without it rubbing on the sides…


Joe, is that coasting hub the same one that was on my trials uni and you rode it when I sent it away to be fixed? Or another one completely? Do you, or anybody else for that matter, have the link to the video?

James, it is a differnt uni. I’m not sure were ur hub is now…
I do have a link of me riding your old uni… here

The hub in the uni which I was originally talking about is from a trike (I think). It can be pedaled forwards, but freewheel backwards, so if you stop pedaling, it keeps on moving…

Hopefully Miark will get it fixed!


Cool! Thanks for the link.

No probs… Just a little search through RSU.

that was a quick reply too!

You dont seem to be on msn, but I’ll let you know that I went to a fabrication place and they are going to do my BC wheel…


Mike, what you don’t know is that Rocket put the cranks on for us… 127 on one side and 102 on other… and he cross threaded the pedals! :smiley: