Wheel build questions

I might be getting ready to start a new project (if I can find the frame I’m looking for, see my sig line). What I want to know, is whether a narrower rim could handle the abuse of being on a Muni.

The rim in question is a Velocity Dyad (23-24mm width). I have one on another uni, and really like the profile, as well as the way it looks. It’d be mainly a XC/AM setup built more for flow and speed then hopping and heavy tech stuff that my 26er handles right now. I’d be running it with ~2.1-2.3 tire.

Would going up to a 48 spoke wheel be beneficial at all? Or do you think I could keep it at 36 (or even 32 depending what kind of availablitly I’m looking at locally) as long as I watch my tension?

Thanks ya’ll.

And if you can help me out with that frame, let me know! :smiley:

The Dyad is plenty strong, probably stronger than most MUni rims. The thing you sacrifice is that it’s not wide, so some tires won’t fit or will be tight and balloony. For a 2.1" tire it should be fine; I have a Dyad with a Big Apple 2.0" and it’s a beautiful setup.

Sweet, that’s what I needed to know. I’m running my Dyad right now with a 2" Marathon Supreme and would have to agree, it’s a beautiful setup.

It’s my favorite rim, and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t shooting myself in the foot using it for Muni.

Rim’s fine, you’ll just have a tendency to get some tire fold-over if you’re running low pressures on technical stuff.

I find that at high speeds hitting rocks or obstacles with part of the tire will turn my wheel much more noticeably with a narrower rim/tire than a wide one and these glancing blows are more apt to result in a UPD in that case.

Okay, one more tiddle-bit to add to this.

I think I’ve more or less decided on a tire, but I have the option to go with either 2", 2.1", or 2.2". Obviously the more volume the better, but on this setup using the 23mm Dyad, what would you recommend?

This will be an XC setup, and with the lower volume tire, I’ll probably be running a bit higher pressures (like 25-35psi) though I’m not 100% sure what psi I’ll ever run until I’m at the trail.

I just don’t want to blow a tire off the rim or something crazy like that, and 2.1"-2.2" is getting away from that ‘magical’ 2:1 tire to rim ratio.