Wheel Build Problems

I am having a wheel built and after a couple of weeks of delays I finally got the following message:

He has your wheel laced up, but when he gos to tighten everything down, it’s not working out. I spoke with him again this morning, and he’s sent an email to the hub manufacturer to see what the trick is. The problem my wheel builder is having, is all the holes drilled in the hub where the spokes go, are directly across from one another. On a bmx hub the holes are staggered, which helps seat the spokes properly. This unicycle wheel is turning out to be a difficult build afterall. The shop where my wheel builder works, said they have laced unicycle wheels before, but never seen a hub like this one. I told him if he couldn’t get me the wheel built up by tomorrow night, that I would have to send you all of your parts, give you a refund for the labor charge, and you would have to get it built somewhere near you. So by tomorrow night your wheel will either be built and ready to ride, or I will be packing up the individual parts and shipping it out for you to build. My wheel builder has built thousands of wheels and is a really good rider himself. I know if he’s having trouble with this it has to be pretty difficult, or just a way different way to complete than a normal bmx wheel. Thanks for hanging in there. It has been an experience.

Does anyone know of this problem or how to correct it? The hub is a Kris Holm Moment hub from UDC and the rim is a Shadow Orbis rim, which really isn’t a unicycle rim but should work I think.

I have never built a wheel but if he cannot get it to work by tomorrow I may have to try and from the sound of it, it isn’t an easy first wheel to start with.

Really appreciate any help.

Sounds like a defective hub. It should have staggered spoke holes just like any bike hub.

The newer KH hubs have pressed on flanges and one probably got turned a bit before being put on. Let Kris or whoever you bought your hub from know and you should get a new new one sent out to you.

+1, Defective hub

Just in case you didn’t take Eric’s word for it.

No I trust Eric. I contacted UDC where I bought it and I think everything is being taken care of.
Thank you for all your help. I think it is what makes unicycling such a great sport. There is a real sense of community and people take the time to help out the newbies like me.