Wheel build problem: Nipples not angled with spokes??

Yo, I just finnished building this wheel last night

Its about my 12th wheel build, but I ran into a problem that I have’nt had before.

The nipples arent angling with the spokes, I suspect this has to do with the rim. I meassured with a caliper and the holes of the rim are the same as any other rim, but for some reason the nipples aren’t angling straight with the spokes meaning the spoke has to take an immediate bend right out of the nipple.

The rim is a primo balance. I think the cause is the wall of the rim that holds the nipple is not angled to align the nipple with the spoke. However this might be intentional because its becoming more popular to cross lace bmx wheels (meaning the spoke from the right flang of the hub goes to a hole in the far left side of the rim).

Heres are two close up shots of the nipples.

My question is: Is this really a problem? Can I fix this somehow?



could they be bad nipples?

Knowing not much about wheel building and nipples, the nipples might be made of a harder metal than what you have experience with, and therefor will not bend slightly to the shape of the rim when you put tension on them.

Thats probably wrong (but it’s worth it to check out).

They are standard brass nipples. It would help if anyone with a real answer would reply, not guesses.

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Did you intend to cross-lace the wheel? it just looks like the rim wasn’t deisgned for that lacing configuration, I guess there’s not much you can do except re-do it without the cross.

Is it likley to dammage spokes or nipples with it like this? Is it a problem? I’ve built 12 wheels but i did them all the same and i dont know how to arrange it so that there is no cross. Im pretty sure this is how it was intented to be laced.

i have 4 wheels and they all are bent. 2 bedford builds, 1 lbs and a dx(so whoever builds that?) i would imagine their would be nothing wrong with it like it is

I’ve built several mountain and road bike wheels, I’m by no means an expert, but to me it looks like you have the spokes coming from the left side of the hub going to the holes on the right side of the rim. The spokes from the left side of the hub should go to the holes on the left side of the rim, so I think you are off by 1 hole all the way around the wheel.


yeah… you are right.


Maybe the Nipple Faeries are playing trickses on you.

Drill out the holes in the rim to make the nipples seat correctly.

The way you built the wheel is clearly much stronger laterally than rims with the holes in the center.

Thats the point of cross lacing. Cross lacing means the spokes from the right flange go to the holes on the left side of the rim, the spokes from the left go to the right. On some rims the spoke holes are on the very edge increasing this cross making it even stronger.

I was wrong about the primo rim. I emailed empire bmx and they said the primo is not meant for cross lacing.


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Re-messed up. And I dont know if I’ll be able to heal to the point where I can ride again, but we’ll see. I havent really ridden uni since september, which is when I started bike trials, then I dislocated my shoulder in december filming with spencer, and again 2 weeks ago on a bike.

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I was never sweet on a uni. I never practiced anything and never got good at anything. However I was totally badass on the bc.

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