Wheel as carry-on?

Has anyone tried carrying on a uni wheel since 9-11? Wonder if they’ll allow
it past the security checkpoints at airports?

There’s been quite a big discussion about this here:



Most airlines publish their size limits for carryon luggage on their Web sites. I don’t remember the numbers off hand, but I think 20" may be too wide to fit under the seat in front of you. If so, the airline is within their rights to check it for you. Over 20", a wheel could even be too big to fit in the overhead, not to mention taking up a lot of space in there.

As for the rest of it, like frame parts, the TSA is a little weird about what they do and don’t allow on a plane. Nail file? No. Big metal objects that could be lots more lethal? Usually. If it doesn’t have sharp edges, they’ll probably let it on.