Whats Zack Baldwins highest SideHop?

Whats Zack Baldwins highest SideHop?

I’d put my money on 108cm and yeah, that’s a guess.

I think he’s done 110cm.

higher than mine,

I thought it was 111 but Im probly wrong. It is somewhere around 110 I know that for sure.

oh yea…I bet hes done 137 cm…
prolly 114 1/2

I thought the world record was recently raised to 111.5 cm.

Edit: vid of 114.5 cm hop (not Zack)

that record is crap, he didn’t measure the pallets right.

His measuring looks fine to me.

well, thing is, you don’t realllly see how he measures.
it isn’t perfect, but it is reallly close, i say he has the record, but not 114.5 cm
more like 114
the difference is insignificant in this case. he still jumps higher than anyone else.

baldwin’s highest = 42"???

about 105 cm?

Although I don’t know Zack Baldwin’s highest sidehop, I will chime in here with useless and uninformed data similar to that already posted. My belief is that if all of the missing apostrophes in this thread were stacked end to end, Zack would not be able to sidehop over them.




Hmm, I’ve counted 4. Do you think Zack is that bad?

Or maybe they’re very big apostrophes. It’s all about the font size these days, isnt(adding to Zacks already difficult task) it?

My quick count is twelve including your cleverly placed one. The font would be exceptionally large.

Are we talking in print or on screen? Monitor resolution could play a role here as well.

Just gonna ease this one back onto topic with a video

too bad it wasnt measures, wonder if thats higher, or lower than the 8 pallets in defect