What's your unicycling superstition?

When I stop and think about it I’m probably fairly superstitious, or maybe I just don’t like change all that much.

Whatever the reason, I like to unicycle wearing the same pair of socks. Not just any socks, but my favourite socks – Salsa’s ‘Ride and Smile’ Muerto’s.

They might not be all that clean these days but they are pretty cool! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine is probably putting my socks and shoes on in the same particular order every time, and never wearing matching socks :slight_smile:

I for one never unicycle under ladders or whilst carrying salt.

Call me crazy. :slight_smile:

Whenever I learn a new trick, I believe that it was not the result of hard work and patience, but rather a gift from God, obtained through prayer.

I also believe that unicycledood died for our UPDs, but that one day he will return, and thus glorify us all with his…uh… glory… so we should all unicycle for unicycledood, even if you aren’t a street rider.

If I see someone approaching while I’m riding my uni, I run (or ride) away to avoid them. This is because they must not see my uh…glory.

I also believe that if I wish hard enough, with full belief, that my old learners uni will turn into a geared 36er. You just gotta believe. The same goes for flying while riding your uni. One day, I’m just going to take off into the air and fly away, you’ll see.

oh, and I always ride under ladders, unless there is someone on it who might drop something on me. I burn all the clothes that I wear while unicycling after exactly twelve uses, and I never wash any clothes that have gotten within three feet of a unicycle.

I brush my teeth while riding so as to better remove plaque, and I own 3 black cats. One time I tried to take them all on a walk on the uni, but cats don’t take kindly to leashes, so it didn’t turn out well.

I never ride over a crack in the road if I’m on a trials/MUni. I always do a rolling hop over it, even if I have to hop a full revolution to clear it.

One day unicycles will take over the world. Until then, we are their humble servants.
We must not fail in this duty, for we shall be held in regard above all others when the time comes. We will be allowed to rule at their side, while all of the non-unicyclists tremble in fear.

AMEN brother hobo_chuck! :smiley:


as for flying I assume it will happen during an epic UPD :astonished: . just before my Face is about to hit the concrete. I will completely miss the ground and keep going.

superstitions… none that I am aware of. but I will be on the look out for one now.

I have had several dreams of flying on my uni… Whats the deal with that?

When I get a new trick, I have to land it in a line before I stop riding that day. I’m not sure why. Its reassuring to me that I can do it twice i guess.

I cant land a trick or anything for that matter if a girl is watching…

and I don’t mean sitting there watching me…

I can do a 100 crankflips in a row or like 30 3spins… or like SIF onto a 30" table 20 times in a row and if a girl looks at me I will eat dirt on the next attempt no matter what… and i mean HARD…

Like if some girl from across the park, 500 feet away, looks at me when i am about to do something… DIRT… hard… embarrassing…

and its been like that for the last 12 years

My unicycles have duped me! They got me hooked and now I ride almost daily, and love it. But if I miss a ride…even for a couple days, they put a spell on me to make me gain weight really fast! They also make prank calls to me in the middle of the night saying stuff like, hey fatty, you better get your butt back on your unis or you’ll be sorry! I hate them for that! Especially since they’re using MY cellphone, and running up my bill! :angry: I am at their mercy. :frowning: (I have a felling it’s mr orange! He’s probably pissed because I’ve neglected him) :stuck_out_tongue:

The left-right side thing

I feel bad as I get good at a skill on my “good” side. It is as if some opposite secret side of my brain is unhappy.

I guess this doesn’t qualify as a superstition, because it’s just a voice I feel in my brain that “actually is” the other side of my brain (not magic or external).

After I learn something right handed, this sets off a fetish of left training. A lot of it is kinda pointless. Although, once you can flawlessly juggle 3 balls in your left hand, you will never drop in your right. You will have to learn to fake the drop when girls are watching. They love that.:slight_smile:

Every time I get a new uni or new part I always have to do a crankflip as the first trick. I won’t try anything else until after I land the flip (not that it takes too long to land the crankflip :p)
Every time I land a new trick that I have worked hard on I have to do it at least once every time I ride ( to help with consistancy)
I always have to land my last trick before putting the unicycle away for the night. I can’t go inside without landing the last trick. Even if I have to resort to a 3 spin or backroll :roll_eyes:

lol eli… I try to land atleast one fifthflip per day, but I dont, im getting upset so fast these days…

not really a superstition. but I don’t go big on some things (street/trials) for a long time because I’m scared of injuring myself. I don’t want to get hurt and not be able to swim(my other major sport).

When I’m riding muni and I upd I have to go back to at least where I started my fall, regardless of how far I made it before falling. If it’s a new trail, I’ll usually try 3-5 times before finding an easier spot, but if it’s a section I’ve ridden before I’ll plug away as long as it takes usually.

Ditto on the re-trying of trails. I like riding technical trails, and if I ever fall on a section, I go back to the top of it (or bottom if I’m working uphill) and try it till I get it. Unless there’s a group of people having a picnic or something next to the spot. In that case I just go to an easier section and show off instead of failing repeatedly :stuck_out_tongue:

When I land a new trick I have to run as fast as I can and put it up online, or else I feel like I never did it… oh wait that’s not me.

I am not superstitious, other than if I try something big when Im not warmed up I will get hurt… but that is just common sense.

I warm up before every ride with stretches and then I do 6 or more crankfrlips in a row with no hops and one rev in between. Then however many I got to whether it be 6 or 12 I do that many 3 spins also with no hops one rev. Takes anywhere from 2 minutes to 30 minutes. Whenever I have completed the warm up I know I am ready to ride… sometimes I just go back inside and have junkfood instead, haha.

There is a special place in the forest :astonished: a road, slight ascent, bumpy… If I ride there I am pretty sure to UPD and then be unable to freemount. I have to walk until the malevolent place is behind me …