What's your Unicycle's name

I usually refer to my DX 24" as a carefully ambiguous ‘my baby’.

I have a 36er - it looks almost like a Coker but has no coker components. The experience is much the same but the ingredients are different, so it’s called Pepsi :slight_smile:

I call mine “Checkers”

My unicycle’s name is “Uni.” Dad named it on a trip to the beach, it was riding in the backseat and about a week earlier he put a Thailand postage stamp on it. I can’t see the print very well, but I know what it is! It’s(the unicycle) a little rusty from the salt air, but it’s cool.

My first uni is named Dead Unicycle(2005-2005 R.I.P.).
My second uni is named Cornflower(2005-). She is still alive but she dosen’t have a neck right now.

Mjolnor… I think it was the name of Thor’s hammer??? :thinking:

my trials is called Rohnda
my crappy no brand one is called Harry

carful the crappy one doesnt hear you say that. Hearry might just throw you off next time u ride…

ToeJam and LongTooth.

The new KH24 is ToeJam because I broke my toe in bizarre UPD first ride out on it (had protection on every other inch of my body, figgers).

LongTooth is the early 70’s vintage Schwinn I got when I was about 14 or 15…


my trials is The Flying Dutchman
my CX is nameless cause its almost dead.
my giraffe is The Taco
the 28er is The Elephant
the 16er is Tiny Tim
the BC is a piece of crap

well i thought i’d name them, so here’s my best attempt:

Nimbus II 24" - The Cheese
5 foot with a 12" wheel giraffe - Butterfingers Jr
BC Wheel - Teflon Wheel

i just made these up then

Muni - The beast
20" uni - peewee
26" BC wheel - coaster
8" BC wheel - miniman

where’s your 8" BC wheel

So you picture yourself riding bianca when you ride your uni… SWEET:D
bungle. :roll_eyes:

Kris Holm

My Nimbus Trials is named Blake
My Torker CX is named Rod

My “made in Taiwan” 20inch cheapy is called Bucephalus, after Alexander the Greats favourite horse:p

in a previous thread on the same subject I described “Mirza”, “Zéphyrin”, “Zébulon” and “Zig-Zag” but now I added a 24x3 Muni to my stable and it ought to be christened.
probably something that sounds like “groo-ïnk” : that means “boar” in french slang -because it goes through single tracks and bushes like a boar!-

well, my uni that was named the cheese is now officially named Charline

Harry is no longer in the condition to be throwing anything and thankfully he doesnt know my account password so is unable to log on and find out.