What's your Unicycle's name


all my unicycles have names, theyve all got little stickers on the frame that says the name.

the muni is called “calamity jane”
the giraffe is called “sally”
the freestyle is called “doris”
the trials is called “kittly”


stupid piece of shit why do you keep brakeing.

or just piece of shit for short

Im getting my unicycle so when i get it today ill tell you what its name its gonna be a torker lx 20 in.

i think im very unoriginal… i have a pink rimmed nimbus which i call ‘the pink one’, and giraffe i call ‘the big one’, a 16" i call ‘the small one’, and an old thing i learnt on which i call ‘the old one’. Think i might think of a more original name when i get my trials uni later in the summer!

Mine 20" trials is called the Genral Lee or the General. It use to be an orange summit which is why it was originally named that, (The general lee is the name of the orange car from dukes of hazzard, I never watched the show just liked the name). It has since been modified and changed so now the only original part from that summit is the rim. I have an orange valve cap to serve in memorium to the frame and still call it the general.


Arianrhod. it’s a name from welsh mythology meaning silver wheel. very fitting, huh?

My trials is… my trials. Or ‘The Bstrd’ after its mishmash of upgraded parts from the stock onza it used to be.

My Muni is ‘The LM’ after the Large Marge Rim on it, or (as Gkmac pointed out to me at BUC) could also be based on my screen name, “The LooseMoose”.

My 36" Guni is “Black Widow” (Its black and red, and lethal)


Loose’s Sig:

Loose rules!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

heehee!! soz for randomness!! :wink:

my torker tx is named hector idk why lol well yeah i dont have a name for my other two


brown I suppose(look at my sig)

new name?

sorry! update!

the custom trials’ name is “bianca” not kitty, (i changed it to bianca after the sexiest woman who ever lived!)

now before you all pipe up with “its unlucky if you re-name stuff after its been named” i have a way round it

because i only orderd it today i havnt got it yet and it hasnt got its name sticker! a ha!

so its called bianca! o sweet sweet bianca. ect ect.

bungle. :roll_eyes:


My two-wheeler friends call it my “monobike”.

my unis name is kh 20 :slight_smile:

I named my unicycle its a newborn, 4 days old :), Born on June 11, his name is Stewie, hes very cute, he has sparkly gray hair, a long neck.


Nimbus Hopley
heheh :stuck_out_tongue:

^^^^^lucky, your uni’s name is better than mine /sad:(

The big one is Hasselhoff II. The little one I cant decide on. I’m thinking Jayne

:astonished: WHOA YOUR UNIS MATCH :astonished:

My unis are called Big Blue and Little Blue. I have a really old Ford Truck named Old Blue, and an old car named Cosmo Blue (a BMW color). It’s a theme isn’t it. My favorite color is green.