Whats Your Trials/Street Setup?

kno that alot of you dont ride Street or Trials regularly but I kno that alot of you do. So what Im asking is for those of you who have a Trials/Street uni to post your setup. Is it stock or is it full custom. Just share with us. And if you feels so inclined you can post a pic.

Heres mine: It pretty much just trials but i do ride a little street on it.

  1. Bedford Frame
  2. Steel Seatpost 22.2mm
  3. “Custom” KH seat(Its mostly just foam and tape)
  4. Alex DX 32 rim
  5. Primo 14g Spokes
  6. Gen 1 KH Hub with 140mm Cranks
  7. Luna Street/Trials tire
  8. Jim C Oddessy Pedals
  9. 3 Bolt Seatpost Clamp

Thats all…Im dont have a good pic sorry.


yuni frame luna tire steal seat post bedford flames cotterless hub and cranks kh seat bmx platform pedals and triple bolt seatpost clamp, not good but it works for me

My soon to be ordered and built custom uni.

Worn down Maxxis Creepy Crawler
KH Freeride 19" rim
Black 14g spokes
KH/Onza 2005 Hub/Crank set 127mm
Nimbus 2 frame
Steel 25.4mm seatpost (May be upgraded to KH Rail+Adapter)
Old KH saddle (May be upgraded to Low profile Fusion)
Blood Red unsealed Odyssey Jimmy C’s
2 Bolt standard seat clamp

Will post a pic when it’s all built…

Bedford frame
Custom wiscount (kh handle)
Profile hub and cranks (165)
Alex rim

if you wonrer why such long cranks… more torque for lips… bigger landing for unispin… u get more height with pedal grabs… just a bit less speed and DO NOT TURN SHARP IT HURTS !!! haha

Stock Nimbus trials w/ a really worn down maxxis CC

24" Nimbus 2 stock with Maxxis super sticky tyre, 48 14g spokes.

my soon to be uni

-maxxis creepy crawler tire
-trick topz gold crown valve caps
-25.4 steel seat post
-frame stickers(flames)
-alex dx 32 rim
-udc freestyle saddle or hris holm freestyle saddle
-black nimbus ll frame(getting powder coated orange)
-qui-ax MUni and trials hub and crank set
-14 gauge spokes
-danscomp grind plates
-primo tederizer pedals

i thinks that is all

KH fusion gel seat with pvc sif grip, yuni frame, luna tire, Koxx one hub, Koxx one 110mm cranks, Axiom double jump pedals with no pins on bottom of right pedal, DX32 rim, Primo spokes and nipples. I need a new handle though because this one is cutting open the back of my pinky, and gives me bruises along my palm.

Hey dude!
How are those 110mm cranks for trials, Im thinking of getting the k1 hub but im not sure wheather to stick with 127’s or go a bit shorter. I want to be able to go faster but im wondering how much control you get with the 110’s.

Oh yeah, my setup. Mission trials frame, KH19 rim, UDC cromo hub(bent, twisted an everything) Qu-ax alu cranks (127’s), Wellgo pedals. Kh seat. Creepy crawler. Extreme bell!

Rock on!

Sweet ride, ntappin!

My uni:

  1. Onza Frame
  2. Kh aluminium seat post, 27,2 mm
  3. Koxx gel seat
  4. Alex double-walled
  5. 14G steel spokes
  6. KH/Onza Hub with 140mm super strong CrMO splined cranks
  7. Maxxis creepycrawler, but very soon onza sticky fingers
  8. Dx-pedals
  9. 2 Bolt Onza Clamp

My trials setup:

Koxx Devil frame
Profile 145mm black cranks
Profile Unicycle Hub
Monty 2.5 yellow strip tyre
Odyssey Jim C unsealed pedals
Tryall seatpost
Koxx one red seatclamp
koxx One standard red seat
Kris Holm 19" rim with UDC spokes

pics (uni with slightly older parts):

oh and here’s some Profile cranks that belonged to Joe Hodges:

qu-aw muni wheel 20"
KH alu frame
try all seat post
seat koxx (leopard)
and i would have butterfly pedals

UDC gel seat
KH everything
Try-all tyre
JIm C pedals

The bolt on my seatpostclamp is dead so im thinking about what clamp i should buy. Any ideas?

How bout one that fits the KH frame…

I ride trials and street a lot. Thats mainly what I ride.
I have a Qu-Ax trials, with cut down saddle foam, Luna tire, magnesium pedals w/ grind plate… mostly just regualr qu-ax trials,.

No, I thought about something that wouldn’t fit. How cool wouldn’t that be?

oh yeah, just have a clamp that goes all up and down on your post, making a nice clinging noise on every bump, thats some crazy pimp my ride shtuff right there! =p

stock kh trials whith a kommando grind plate and new pedals that r soon to arrive. ill post a pic once i take one.


Hi Guys!

My street / trials set up

  1. Numbus II Frame _black
  2. Standard UDC Aluminium Seatpost
  3. UDC Gel saddle
  4. Koxx 1 hub with 125mm cranks
  5. Luna tyre (a bitch to get off!)
  6. Alex DX32 Rim (a bitch generally)
  7. TEAL JC Odyssey pedals

I have rendered children and every other hobby obsolete!

I was thinking of the name Alia for it. Sound good?


i have on my street/trials uni:

-KH gel fusion seat
-bedford trials frame
-20" Luna 2.5 tire
-Alex DX32 rim
-KH/onza hub and 140mm cranks
-wellgo pedals

I think i have a nice set up.