What's YOUR static jump technique

Hey guys,

I’ve been static jumping for the majority of my riding, I’m wanting to get really good at static so when I do pre-hops, I’ll be awesome. My record for static is 66 cm.'s I’ve gotten it 4 different times. (twice in a row when my psi was 17:))

What I’m bummed about is the fact that is not getting any easier to hit. CAn you guys give me some tips on getting it more consistent.

Apart from the obvious practice how can I get more consistent at

compressing my tire (static)



arm swing

not sure the name for this, but jumping and then pulling the unicycle away to bring the tire up extra inches.

thanks for your opinion, they all help lots

Well, I am amazed you have gotten this much static… I say just start prehops now…

BUT if you really want to stay with static longer I would say don’t just practice your high jump. Try to get 60-65ish consistant, practice tucking by doing tuck squats (whatever they are called.).
For tire compression: I say just compress and once it comes back up jump, put a lot of force into getting the compression. And for the arm swing try too start the swing slow when you are comming up from the compression and then speed it up so that it is at its max a little before get about 1/2 way up…

This is just my opinion. I stopped doing my sidehops static when i got to 50ish cm.

Wow, that’s about 26"! Can you post a video of that, I’d love to see it!

it’s in my next video, which comes out in 2 weeks

What really gets me is seeing kids my height on videos reaching 66 now problem, it seems so easy when I look at the footage, but when I go out and try, its more dificult

Its funny cause i havent seen many people at all your height getting 66 with no prehop easily.I think the best tip i can give you is be consistant with practicing hops which youre are already doing quite well.Try to make yourself really tall near the top of the object cause it will increase your tuck a few extra cm’s,For angling the tyre towards the object youll need a bit of extra sideways momentum so you can stay up.If you worked on your prehops you could probably get 75cm.Also dont worry about tyre pressure cause i run mine pretty high and i can do 86cm with no prehop and 100cm with a prehop.I think to get a really high static hop you need to make the prehop quick and sharp like a snapping action

So basically,

keep doing what I’m doing

jump farther out

angle tire more

try to make the whole action faster

don’t worry about psi

stand up tall

Great, though do you guys have any tucking tips?

also, will increasing my prehop record help with static

Practicing static hops will do nothing to improve your jumps with prehop. Give up on that now.

With that out of the way, it’s not bad to avoid being beholden to prehops, but you have to practice them, otherwise you won’t be any good at them at all.

There really is no advice to improve your hops. Instead of looking online, go out and ride. you’ll improve.

The way I learned sidehops was I would find a ledge which tapered from ~70cm-1m over a long distance, and work my way up it. My first hop would be with a prehop to build confidence. After landing a couple of prehops, I’d try no prehop. Once I landed that, I’d increase the height some, and repeat. If I couldn’t land a hop in 5-10 tries, i’d go back down a bit and practice again. Practicing like that lets you hone both skills, and is more encouraging than just failing at the same hop over and over again.

Tire pressure is important, whatever others say. you want to be able to snap your tire until your rim is a hair’s breadth from bottoming out, and then use all that snap to launch yourself. If your pressure is too high, the snap is too small and happens too fast, so you go nowhere. If your pressure is too low, you bottom out your rim, which does nothing for you.

If it’s any encouragement, I’m 1.7m tall and my best no-prehop jumps were around 82cm. Prehops would generally add 10-15cm to that, depending on space, etc.

Edit: Unless you hit yourself in the butt when you hop, you aren’t tucking enough.

Well i dont really agree with this, It help up too a point, I think he is at that point.
He still should practice them so he can hop up stuff from skinnies though.

I agree with this. My prehops with almost bottoming out gave me 13ish cm (well i am yet to hit it but i got up that much and my tire slipped, can get it with practice)

Yeh thats exactly what i should have said :p.For tucking the only thing i can give you about that is tuck untill you feel the tyre hit your bum.Also remember to swing your arm down near the object after you land to stay up.The best way too find out about technique is by watching joe h or fabian hopping in slow motion

In my eyes:

The more psi (to a point) the better.
With less psi, you get less overall power with the hop.

yeh youre completely right it just takes more power to compress a higher psi.

With the higher psi “technique” I can hop up a 3 1/5 foot tall picnic table. With a few tries. :roll_eyes: But normal 3 foot ones are a breeze. :smiley:

sorry but picnic tables are not 3 foot high. 3 foot is 90 cm 3 foot and a half is 105cm… tables aren’t that high… a table is actually pretty much always 73cm. A really high stand up workbench usually just under 80cm… but measure it and i bet your table ain’t close the 90cm… or 3 foot w/e.

I don’t like static sidehops really :stuck_out_tongue:

But when i’m about to jump, I think like this:

  1. Do a few little hops
  2. Do a SIF standstill almost, or just don’t move. (depends if your static sidehopping SIF or SI)
  3. Do a big compess (depending on the size of the object)
  4. Lean over towards the object with your body
  5. Tuck
  6. Land

That’s how I do my static sidehops.

I’m not sure how high and consistant I static sidehop. Next time I ride, I’ll see. :slight_smile:


isaac, I bet you could hit more than I can because your flow is really good. I’m pretty sure I asked you this before, but what psi do you run at?

just so you know, there ;)may;) or may not be a video being posted withing a few hours showing my 66cm. jump today.

let me repeat may(imagine me nodding my head) or may not (me shaking my head) be a video posted within a few hours of 66cm. static


OK, i think ima start workin on my SIF static now!
Good work dude!

Yeah dude, do you think your cool? I live at a park my father is the care taker. I ride every other day. The benches are handicap benches. Dont argue when you dont know about the situation. Jesus whats with people and doubting what other people say. Id say that alittl higher then waist highth is 3 feet. im 5’11.

Next time dont degrade people like that.