What's YOUR signature move???

Ryan Atkins has it in his big movie too. Sorry, but many preceded you. But what matters is that you came up with it on your own. So did Mike and I imagine so did Ryan.

A move that i have kind of made up, but i don’t really know, would be where you wedge your tire against something, then you support your weight with your hands on your seat for a few seconds.
I haven’t done it in awhile, but it’s cool.
I also have some BC mounts, like the flying 180 suicide mount. which i haven’t seen anyone elso do.


My, ahem, special talent is to rapidly expell all the air from my lungs by screaming like a Banshee, and clinging face down, spread eagle, to the side of a 30 ft ravine just after being ejected from my KH24. This occurred while coming down a mountain at a local ski area. I learned a few important things from this experience:

  1. It’s okay to kiss the earth

  2. If you suction you body to the side of a ravine, you won’t have as far to crawl out of the darn thing

  3. A weeks rest is required after such a fall. :frowning: …but then you’re good to do it again!


I thought he did it normally, without flipping the cranks…?

Is it possible to do a pedal grab with the crankflip on to the top of a pole, like Kris Holm does? Because it seems like the crankflip gives you a bit less control than the normal way.

i’d say that mine would have to be the “long jump.” this move occurs when i ride up to a curb without leaning back, and preform an impressive long jump. this trick is mostly involuntary.

I have only performed my signature move one time, accidentally, with no witnesses, and only pure luck, not skill, involved. I was riding down my gravel hill driveway when both my feet slipped off the pedals. I let go of the seat, splayed my legs to keep from hitting the pedals (this was instinctive) and tried to get off. But I couldn’t! When I tried to dismount, I discovered using your hips only works if you are in contact the pedals, and I went 15 or 20 feet no hands and no feet.

(forgot to say no feet)

Ryan would be the best authority on this, not me. From the (relatively) few rides I’ve done with him, and from what I’ve seen from his videos, he does pedalgrabs the normal way. But, as a trick, in one of his videos, he does it out of a unispin-pedalgrab with a crankflip.

Yes, you can get onto poles your way. Just yesterday I was on a ride with Mike Middleton and he pedalgrabbed the top of a 6x8 with the crankflip technique. He says it has a slightly larger margin for error than normally, but with enough practice, it’s just as good. He’s got it down to where he can do stuff as small as the top of a 6x6. That’s about the same as me. If we had any poles, we’d pedalgrab them.

Yea, my “signature move” is freemounting with watever foot i can, and ride the unicycle around the block. This is about all i can do right now, but ill be practicing all summer.

I “invented” the hand wheel walk with stomach on seat and legs splayed out to the side for balance. I have gone more than two meters this way. Of course I later found out that other unicyclists have already done this, but I came up with it on my own. Although I can’t do it very well yet, I would say this trick is my “signature move.”


hmm what can i do thats cool? well i can uni spin, but lots of people can do that, so i guess its either one foot spin or mount to wheel walk in a circle.

That would have to be the 360 suicide mount. I’ve been working on a 540, but I have the feeling I’m going to give up soon.

Also, I do a tire stall where I jump down to stall on the lower part of the tire from the pedals (and then back up or to hopping on the top part of the tire, etc.). I’ve seen people do this (for example in Universe 2) but I haven’t seen anybody regularly incorporate it into lines and riding like I do.

Am I the only one keeping track of this thread so they can rip off cool new original moves? I’ve heard a few that I’d like to know, although most of this stuff is street and freestyle (variations on unispins, which I have no intention of learning), which I’m not as into. I’ve wanted to learn equib for a while, but am too lazy to try. Just curious.

What is a backsumi??

One move that I’ve seen in an online vid is, Ryan Atkins I think, doing a pedal grab onto a bench or something then going to ruber on a ledge above the bench- very cool to watch! I’m sure there was also a pedal grab to a ledge to a pedal grab on another ledge.

Both would make awesome sig. moves! Not as awesome as Hulk Hogan’s leg drop however…

i’ll go with my “seat out back down stairs” thingy. the pic shows a six stair but that was almost a year ago. i can pull a ten stair now days.

A back sumi off a unicycle looks something like this lol Video


Oh get real Trevor, everyone knows that your backward sumi off uni videos are fake with your special effects, wires and lobsters.

In that video trevor gets dam close to hitting his head on the ground.

Yeah. Even i can do a back flip with the aid of some lobsters.

This is real…trust me!

  1. No handed rolling hop of a drop into a no-handed 180.
  2. 180 crank grab.

My brother and I are working on going to rubber out of a grind (on a grind box). We are aiming to pull up to rubber while still moving.

Signature Move

My signature move is a hand clap whilst shouting “YEAH!!!” after finally getting something, like riding over a hard bit of trail.

Other than that, my sig move is muni, since I’m the only one around here (as far as I know) who does it :wink: