What's YOUR signature move???

I did a search to see if there has allready been a post on this, but, to my surprise, I don’t believe there has.

So what is YOUR signature move? Not necessarily your hardest trick, or the one that’s most difficult for you or someone else to do. But what makes you stand out from all the other unicyclists??? It could be a trick that you’ve come up with yourself, or maybe even something you do on a unique unicycle.

I would probably have to say that mine is a hopping trick.

For me it is maybe either hopping on the uni frame in the extended “seat drop” position, with the seat on the ground, or my special leg-around-once seat-to-the-side mount straight into one-footed side hop (with the seat to the side).

So what’s YOURS’?


P.S: this should be a fun thread!

I’m the best rolling-hopper (vertically speaking) in our ‘group.’ So it might be that. Or pedal grabs, because I just learned how to do that so now I’m the only one who can. :slight_smile:

oh yeah, and I like to 180 up onto things like curbs and obstactles, too!

Well in a few months my ‘signature move’ will be riding my seated hand-driven unicycle. :slight_smile:

Does it have to be freestyle related? I like to do corners on narrow rails and backwards rail riding.


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Mine would have to be the “Tree Grab”. I can pull it off now almost anywhere there are trees. When riding in the woods, I’ll roll up next to a nice thick tree, slow down, then come to a full stop and–with my left arm extended–grab onto the tree for balance. From that position I can do a number of “sub tricks” such as taking a drink from my camelpack, adjusting my weight on the seat, or even a helmet “doff and don” to squeeze out my sweatband.

ooh, rough. Up until recently I had the signature glide in my group, but I’ve been ousted by Mike Middleton, who has practiced gliding incessantly and since gotten better than me. I don’t really have a sig move between Mike Middleton (the only person who I regularly ride with) and me. We’re evenly matched on pretty much everything (except he can ride down stairs backwards, and I’m too much of a wuss to. Noone’s a clear better in trials). I guess my move is seat drags (which I suck at) and seat out rolling hops, which I’m developing. I can currently do about 16" that way. I’ve never heard of anyone really ever developing seat out rolling hops, so it’s probably the only original move I have.

no, it doesn’t have to be freestyle, ANYTHING goes!!!


I supose my signature move would be side ride. I haven’t got it down 100% though. I have to develop transition into and out of it. I hope in the future my signature move will be backwards side ride. As far as i know no one else can do this so i’ll be the first. I’m gonna start learning as soon as ive got side ride really good and i’ve got better at 1ft backwards.

My signature move is great, it’s called the “seat bungy” and there’s a few variations to it.

Basically all you have to do is hop right up to the edge of a 50cm-70cm drop and then you drop your seat out front so it drops down the ledge in front of you. Next you get yourself into the “hopping while holding onto the tyre” position (I recommend gloves for what’s going to happen next), to complete the seat bungy you simply jump forward and up, off the ledge, over the seat and aim for a smooth transition into a seat out back seat drag.

Variations include multiple crank rotations throughtout the seat bungy, the “reverse seat jump” where u do it backwards and another real crowd pleaser is where you do hops and unispins when you are perfectly balanced with the seat on the ground, below the wheel.

My other signiture move is the “uni-roll”, this is like doing a unispin while you’re moving except for that instead of spinning the uni you simply let the uni roll a few revolutions while you fly through the air, much like a small out of control coast.


*if you’re wondering, it’s the spelling of “signature” that i edited

How many of those can you do Pete? They sound rather impressive. :slight_smile:

Another of my ‘signature moves’ is the flying suicide mount, and the backwards suicide mount (with a 180 in the air before landing on the uni).


I guess mine is the “seatpost trim with after-filing”, which I perform regularly at Unatics meetings. For each one, I keep thinking that it must be the last unicycle in the world to need a shorter seatpost, but they keep on coming.

i would have to say that my signatures would be either my one footers that im doing over 5 and 6 sets or my footplant to grinds that i dont think anyone else has done.


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By the way, here’s a photo of Tom J (iunicycle) stealing my signature move. He’s also performing a sub-trick here, which is learning from Sensei Irene.



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Man, that is chutzpah wearing those white pants out there. :slight_smile: Was that taken before or after Labor Day?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

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Before, and they’re actually pale green. But they were in no danger, for Irene does not fall. Tom J, on the other hand, actually botched a Tree Grab on this very same ride. His approach was too aggressive for the terrain, and his grab caused the tree to splinter and collapse. I continue to help him refine his technique.

i’d have to say mine is a no-footer, as you can see in my avatar:p
i’ve been workin on these for while now and can get my feet half way up the seat tube, im gona keep workin on them unitll i can get my feet as high as the seat and out wide as well. i’ve never seen anyone, although im sure people have, do no footers, apart from jacinto in universe 2, who whips my ass by doin it 180 (im workin on that now as well)

i can also do nothings, but theyre less predictable, i certainly havnt seen anyone do these so ill work hard at gettin better at them.


When I was trying to figure out how to pedal grab, I ‘made up’ the crankflip move. So for a while I thought that was my very own, but then I found that Mike Middleton had it first… Grrr!

i do this funny thing i made up where i ride along slowly and bob up and down in my seat, unicycling a la treepotato’

My original signature move was being able to freemount my Schwinn Giraffe. This was our biggest accomplishment (Bradley and me) in our early days of riding. When I went to my first meeting with the Redford Township Unicycle Club, I may have been the only one there who could do it. I did not know this at the time. I was highly intimidated by that roomful of unicyclists, who I found out could do tricks I never imagined, like riding with one foot. Only later did I find out the other riders were impressed by my ability to freemount my giraffe.

Later I developed a custom mount, which I used in my first “Freestyle” performance, in the Chain Drive Artistic category (or whatever it was called) at the 1980 USA Nationals. I called it the Side Jump Mount (giraffe):

  • Stand behind the uni like you would for a regular freemount.
  • Instead of stepping on the tire, jump directly to the down pedal.
  • Stand up on the pedal, and lift your other leg around the front of the seat, to the other pedal.

I haven’t done it in quite a while… I’m sure I’d have to practice a while to get it back.

Other signature moves:

  1. The one people probably most identify with me is what I call the “Riderless Uni Spin.” This is where you stand the unicycle in front of you, and spin it by using your open palm on the high end (front) of the seat. Not exactly a riding trick, and I didn’t make it up. I saw a video clip of Frank Birdsall doing it at the 1980 USA Meet.

  2. I also didn’t invent what I call the Axle Jump. I saw Randy Barnes do this in the same piece of video from 1980. This is where you ride into a little spiral, then jump in the air and try to complete a 360 degree rotation before landing again, riding away forward. It’s hard to complete a full 360, but you can cheat by finishing off the spin after you land. I don’t think Axle Jump is an accurate name if you take it literally from skating, but I don’t think it has any other name either.

  3. Cyclone Spins. This is where you basically ride in a line and do 180s every half wheel turn or so. You can do it every half turn, every 1.5 turn, or with no turn at all, which I call an Idle Spin. These are best done indoors, where the riding surface is less grippy and won’t chew up your tire as much. This has been picked up by many Japanese riders, though most of the time I don’t see it done with great fluidity.

  4. Pedal Walk. This was the only original move I had in 1994, the last time I competed Freestyle (3rd place Unicon VII). Again it’s not a riding trick. You need pedals that are concave on the ends, or that have two parts that stick out on the ends, like these:
    I had the older type of Semcycle pedals, which were my favorites for Freestyle. Anyway, you lay the unicycle on its side, and line up the pedal that’s underneath so it’s in the “down” position. You stand with your feet aligned on either side of the fork, and the balls of your feet on or near the tire. Shift your weight from one foot to the other, and the pedal will “walk” on the floor, taking you slowly forward.

Then your frame will break. This happened to me at the '94 Nationals, and I had to use a borrowed unicycle for the Freestyle competition both there and at Unicon VII. Then somebody tripped over the cord to the cassette player, and my sound went out halfway through my performance! These factors combined to fool the judges into thinking I knew what I was doing, and I earned the bronze medal that year!

My special move is a backflip off the unicycle, dont know anyone else that does this. Also the stand up hopping to backsumi off unicycle.