Whats your sidehop record?

Title pretty much says it.

So whats your highest sidehop? static or prehop, onto pallets or over a bar.

Mine is 70cm static and 77cm prehop over a bar.

Im sure there’s threads on this, but who cares :stuck_out_tongue:

98cm SIF with prehop onto pallets (tyre on 100 - link in sig ;))
87cm SIF static onto pallets (tyre on 90)

I used to be able to get 65cm seat in - prehop, but I havent practised that in donkeys years.
I can get up 3 quite large stairs SI static :stuck_out_tongue: not really a good measurement, SI scares me.

this is a threat with trial records… :stuck_out_tongue:

SIF static: 99cm
SIF prehop: Official 111,5cm…
But I can do that like everyday :stuck_out_tongue: I tried ones 116cm… could get easy on it but hadded to jump of everytime and than a had a hole in my tube… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I had a quick look and couldnt find one, ill bump your one. :slight_smile: