What's your preference with (disc) brakes

I hear you, it was frustrating early on to find the right combination. That started me making my own stuff. The drop that changed everything was unexpected.

I had the same issue with a disc brake once. Another muni has been thrown into my disc which broke instantly. Can’t make it true anymore. I had to take the brake off so that I could ride down the hill and get back to my car.
BTW, it was an external disc. I don’t think it would have happened to an internal disc.

I ride both brakes, but I clearly love the rim brakes more. They are absolutely unproblematic and once correctly adjusted, they last almost forever. I also like the length of the 3 finger brake lever. With rim brakes you can brake permanently without overheting the brake disc. Although the rims get hot, this does not cause any problems. It is also worth testing different brake pads. If you find the right combination, the braking force is comparable to a entry level disc brake. With the old Magura HS33, the brake pads could be easily adjusted while driving until they braked permanently. So you could drive into the valley on a constant slope without having to hold the brake lever