Whats your longest static side hop?

I think my SIF gap and rolling is around 6ft plus or minus maybe a foot or two :smiley: I have never realy practiced it much or realy mesure it. I pased it out once using my feet though and I think it was around 6ft :o


Longest Seat in Side Hop and Gap.

I easily gap the 120-130Cm range on flat ground. However I can never do this distance when I am actually gapping items that are high off the ground. I guess that the phsycologicol barier kicks in. I am doing 1 meter pallet to pallet. I am doing about 70Cm from boulder to boulder when I am about 70-90Cm off the ground. Is this normal? Are other people also experiencing shorter gaps when they are higher off the ground?


Im the oppesite. When im gaping flat ground, I cant hop as far. When im going from one obstacle to another, I can go about half a foot farther.

Last time I measured its around 6feet, but from recent gaps its close to 7.5 now.

I’m having alot of problems with my mental blocks. I can jump 130cm on ground or from one pallet to the ground, but for one pallet to another, it’s only 90cm:o

Mental Blocks

If I am jumping from a pallet or a rock to the ground I can increase my gap dramatically. However if I am trying to gap to something that has height off the ground like a pallet or a rock from something of equal height my gaping distance decreases. I think it is just the mind protecting the body from a fall.
I was just wondering if my gap decreases as my height increases are about what other riders are experiencing.


My brother set out two pallets that he could gap on his bike, I have been meaning to do it for a while so in my break from my revision I went and did it, it was only about 5’ 6" but one pallet was about 2" higher than the other and it was very wet and slippery. I found if you hop most of your tyre off the side of the object it wont slip out, finaly one step closer to conquoring my fear of wet wood :smiley:
As my brother has gone back to university I filmed it for him, heres the vid. I think I could easily do 6ft in the dry probably a fair bit more.

Im not sure but I think I may be able to gap further to a pallet or curb because I know its more likly to hurt if I fail so I make sure I make it. I would still rather gap to the ground though I think.

56"-60" so like around 5ft, and thats SIF. I cant gap far SI.

mine gets a LOT farther…lol

wow you guys are really good… i want to do trials and i can jump up like 4 pallets and i can jump from ground, over pallet, and land on ground, dont know how long it is… i think maybe 60-70 cm? when the snow is gone i will try this :smiley:

Is it safe to assume that most if not all of the replies are from those using 19" trials unis? I ride my 24" MUni for pretty much everything offroad and on. I haven’t measured my longest side gap from flat to flat, but I think it’s close to 5’, maybe more on a good day.:slight_smile:

I can gap about 170-180cm on flat. However, about a week ago I tried doing the same distance up a curb and landed it. So, I can probably gap farther, but it’s more of a psychological thing.

My aim is 2m, then I can rest for a bit. Damn, I want to get over this cold and get back on the uni already!