Whats your longest static side hop?

Ok i did search for this and there was a topic that hadnt been used for over a year so i figured i would just start another one.

I was out in my backyard practising because i was bored and needed to take my mind off stuff. So i started practising static sidehops across the paving slabs. I thought i was getting alot further than i used to so i got out the tape measure, turns out i can jump 184 cm (6foot 1 inch):smiley: . I thought this was really quite good considering im only about 5 foot 8inches.

Im just interested in what everybody else is getting on their static side hops on flat right now. So post your distances up here.

180cm is my static gap (seat under that is)

Peter M

mynes around 3 1/2 feet :slight_smile:

seat under

wow! Dude thats amazing! My seat in side hop can only be about 3feet! Im jealous now :stuck_out_tongue: i need to practise more :smiley:

Haha, thanks.
But I want to get to 2 meter, then it will be OK :slight_smile:

Peter M

Maybe 2 1/2 feet, I need to practice more :smiley:

si about 4 1/2 ft
so 7ft
rolling 6ft

SI- 6ft 2"
SIF- 6ft 7"
rolling- 6ft

There all pretty similiar, all done on a KH 24" with magura brake


Like… 1.24 seconds.


6’ 9" static SI from pallet to pallet. This is by far my strongest move:)
6’ 2" SIF, but any gaps + ups, I am more comfortable than SI.

Ryan Atkins can do 7.5 Ft SIF. Crazy bastard.

static seat in
over 6.5 feet, around 7 feet, don’t know exactly, but i’ve hit 7’2"(measured) a few times the same day, both sif and si

rolling… 10’2" :slight_smile: (yes, 6" farther)

what about joe hodges?
and fabian
and all them ? what are thiers?

5ft skinny to skinny with control. it was fairly easy too
6ft+ (never measured though)

Mine is a bit longer than 130cm. That was in summer, when I was in shape :smiley:

Mine’s around the 6ft mark static seat-in.

When I used to ride my old style (right handed, hop to left), i could do 6.5ft static Seat-out gaps dead straight without preloads. I suck at those lefthanded now.

Not sure about Fabian’s, but Joe send me his new vid last night and it it damn well edted I thought. He does a 7.5ft static seat-in gap without preload in that. The vid will be up soon

About 6 feet pallet to pallet, I broke my seatpost before I could duplicate though.

I have consistently landed 66 in. between tables.

Some days are better than others.:o

After 7 months months of riding mines 3’ 10". I think I could get 4’ if my tire wouldn’t keep slipping off the pallet when I lean off the ledge. Any suggestions on how to prevent this? I havent rotated my tire since I got my uni, so the tires pretty bald on one spot, could this be the reason? By the way anybody that can hop over 6’, there’s something wrong with you.

I’ll take that as a compliment :stuck_out_tongue: .
Yeah try rotating your tyre so that you land on a spot with more grip. After 7 months thats a good length to be jumping.

And joe hodges 7.5 jump in his new video is amazing :astonished: