What's your LEAST favorite riding style?

What’s your least favorite riding style? I’ve heard plenty of people talk about their favorites, but which do you not have any interest in?

BTW, I tried to search for a thread like this, but it came up empty.

And who thinks I should post a poll with this?

Flatland, because I just don’t get it.

I’m just envious though. I love watching flat.


i think i like all of them. Except circus stuff.

I’m going to put a poll up now.

grrr… if I could find out HOW.

Does it have to be when you first post the thread?

I dont see myself riding Muni any time soon. I think later down the road when i’m too old to ride street I may get into it though.

Yeah unless you are a moderator maybe and then you could possibly edit it. Consider your options carefully when making a poll eg if you want multiple choices available or not etc, cos it is hard to change it once you have done it. Try and include as many diverse styles as possible or people will complain their least favourite was left out.

My least favourite is probably Trials unicycling. Since my MUni got nicked in 2003 I have done way less hopping around and mostly just ride from A to B, as well as doing a few freestyle tricks at school for fun. In a way endurance riding is love/hate. There is the pain of saddle soreness and muscle cramps but the elation of doing something amazing.

Least favourite non-standard style is couch potato. No riding and the unicycle just sits gathering dust.

Probably BC because it hurts a lot.

Please, spare us. Think about it. How would you use this data in a useful manner? Is your demographic representative? What are your expectations with respect to what should be learned by polling this particular demographic?

freestyle’s dope

Freestyle is Dopesause. Its awesome. there isint really a style wich I dislike…

even though its freakin intense, i dont like flat. It all looks the same to me. BUT i have some major respect for the peeps who are good.

Don’t knock it till you try it!

My least favorite style (that I have tried) is road riding with stupid short cranks, lead weights on your spokes and a skinny 120PSI tire, on a rough road, with your arm half a foot lower than it is supposed to be cause you just ripped all the ligaments holding it up and your collar bone is almost sticking out your back while you are just about late for your Native Law final exam.

I came up with this style in April 2007, It must suck cause it never really caught on.

I don’t know what the different styles are, to be honest. :o

No contest. Any kind of riding involving a giraffe uni! Hands down!

Have you tried a giraffe? I had a home made giraffe that was real fun till the wheel tacoed on me when I jumped down curb. Definitely a better style than this

I think I agree with Terry on Giraffes, but I don’t have much experience with them, and they are fun to get ontop of. 700c road riding is pretty lame too, just seems like a waste.

I’m not a big fan of flat for myself, but its basically the same thing as freestyle which I enjoy so I can’t really rule it out.

Part of my problem is that I enjoy everything, so I’m not particular great at anything either, but being good at things isn’t the most important thing.

My least favorite is flatland and street, like other have said - it’s because I don’t get it. I am absolutely terrible at it.

If i could get myself to commit to landing something (or at least trying to land something), it would be a different story.

Respect to those good at it because it looks incredibly fun to do.


I hate it because I love it too much.

And Flatland…

Its too addictive. Ruins my shoes.

Road riding and Hockey.