Whats your highest sidehop?

What was your highest sidehop?

I did 51.5cm but my average is probably 45cm.

you may aswell put it as your highest hop, some people hop highest side hopping.

I suck. with my beginner uni I can do only 1 foot. :astonished:

thats not too bad for a beginer

on a good day i can definatly clear a kerb.

:astonished: thats good


im really quite proud of myself, the kerbs around here are pretty nasty. theres one down tho read thats a good 5 inches high, still havent conquered that one yet, however.

higher than you:)

Mine is around 60cm.

I wouldn’t even think about trying a curb, I’m just a little pansy.

31 inches, what ever that is in metric.

68.58 cm, or 27 inches… I can do that fairly consistantly my highest ever that I have yet to beat or match is about 73.66 cm or 29 inches

thats really good.

31 inches is 78.74 cm

that beats my 73 cm…

I can hop up one pallet without any problems (yea, I got pallets and I’m cool now). Will try 2 tomorrow:D

is 5 ft good?

are you talking distance or Hight, this is talking about side-hop height that’s how far up not to the side, but if you can side-hop 5 ft then yes that’s good, my farthest distance side-hopping is about 3 to 4.5 ft

height of sidehops, 25 in
length of furthest sidehop 4’9"
but I ride 24" only.

My longest sidehop (distance) is 4.26 feet - 130cm.