Whats your highest drop?

Self explanatory. C’mon how high is your biggest drop
(attemted and landed)

For me:

Highest landed: 5 feet
Highest attemted: 7 feet

I have landed a bit under 2 meters.

I predict this is going to read like a thread full of lemmings jumping off of cliffs.

And yes I do know that the famous documentary showing thousands of lemmings jumping off of cliffs is fake. But why let facts get in the way of a good analogy.

landed: 6’ 5"

on trials uni 5 feet on muni 6.5 feet

Landed: 12 feet
Attempted: 12 feet
Chickened out: 15 feet

dont belive it.

I can do at least 12".

as of now 4 ft. however i have dont want to go bigger until i have a uni that can take it; my friend did and it bent his cranks badly. i dont know how upgrade my tire and rime, because (according to a thread i started a few weeks ago) the monty rims dont come with spokes. strange.

Highest attempted: about six inches.
Highest landed: about six inches.

I consider big drops to be a waste of time, and unnecessarily damaging to my unicycle.

ahhhh, freestyle geek! (just kidding) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Very true, anyone can do big drops with just a little practice. I stopped because im sick of breaking parts, and only drop when I find one in a line. I used to go out searching for things to drop off of.

Well duh. It’s not strange at all. No rims come with spokes. If you’re waiting to find a rim that comes with spokes, I’m afraid to say you’ll never be getting a new rim.

I’ve done 9-10’ on a muni with an excellent rollout at the bottom to make it feel small. I never do drops bigger than about 18", though, unless they’re in context of a trials or muni line or look fun, which is rare in an urban setting.

Highest attempted and landed with trials uni: Loading dock 3+ feet onto flat. Didn’t measure, didn’t like the landing. I’m sticking to picnic table drops now. They’re much softer and consistent landings.

Highest attempted drop off of a unicycle: 9 1/2 foot giraffe - 6 1/2 foot drop from pedal height to ground. This was an unsuccessful UPD and didn’t walk for weeks.:o

Big drops aren’t a waste of time, I can watch them all day long.

i can do about 9’ to flat…

ive tried a 12ft halfpipe… that didnt go too well… but ill try again some day.

and excellent rollouts are cool…

i suggest crankflipping big drops…

Are you saying you don’t believe it, or are you recommending that we don’t believe it? :thinking:

What may be missing here is a description of the landing surface. Flat, sloped (hopefully), concrete, pine needles, dumpster full of garbage, 6’ deep pile of leaves, etc. The landing surface makes a big difference in what can be a “survivable” landing.

So what do you say, Catboy?

I’ve seen Ryan Atkins do at least 10’ to flat sand, but I don’t think he rode away.


  • I chickened out at 20’, and again at 15. :slight_smile:

  • In 1982 I dropped about 4’ from a stage, in front of an audience, with a follow-spot blinding me. I bent my crank, but somehow managed to stay on the uni. I avoided large drops after that due to the unicycles’ not being able to handle it.

  • I have UPD’d from a 10’ giraffe to flat cement. I don’t recommend this.

There is always the option of doing a big big drop into a lake or river. :slight_smile:

Then the challenge becomes trying to ride it out at least three revolutions to demonstrate that it was a successful landing and in control. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was pretty soft dirt with a small slope of a landing zone, off of a sloped shed, I had a good half rev of roll out, and tons of landing space. Took me two tries of screwing up to figure out it was no different than a 7 or 8 foot drop as far as landing goes. I used to be really into just finding things, clibing up them and dropping off. And now, that’s probably the thing I’m best at, as far as trials goes. I did a 7 or 8 foot rolling launch/drop a while agon on a nearby motox/quad trail, and it sucked when I(as usual) got a faceful of dirt.

As for now, Ive almost stopped dropping(as mentioned before, and have been concentrating more on hops and gaps, because what good is a drop if you can’t pedalgrab up to it.

I too saw Ryan do that drop at CMW off the rock climbing wall, it seemed he din’t rollout alot, which was why he bent the cranks/and hub he was using(Swallis? with Kookas). But then again, when you can do trials like he can, who needs to drop?

Ryan was riding Harper’s Steve Howard muni with a hub that Steve Howard made. The goal was to find out how much abuse the hub could take and what would happen when it fails (will it twist, will it crack, will it snap, will the cranks hold, etc.). The test by Ryan was successful in damaging the hub and that was the goal. The hub twisted but didn’t break.

Harper was unable to bend or break the hub himself. He’d been jumping off of things about 4 feet or so high and landing like a ton of bricks like he normally does. That wasn’t enough to do it so he went looking for Ryan. You’ll notice that he waited until that end of the last day before letting Ryan have a go at it.