What's your goal?

With a three week holiday period coming up (and a lot more for you Americans) I’ve decided to set myself some goals. I’ve got about 4 weeks from now to complete them (before school starts up again).

Here they are:

  • 1.80m long jump
  • 15sec still stand
  • Glide for 10m
  • Ride down all of ‘No. 9’ on Mt. Cootha
  • The trials line in the following photo
  • Not a unicycling goal, but learn to juggle some time in the next few months.

What are your goals? Good luck reaching them! :slight_smile:


miscellaneous - goal - letterbox and rocks 4.jpg

Get my summit…Be able to wheelwalk and ride one footed. glide, And jump freakin’ high.

I want to ride backwards better and learn to wheel walk. I also want to work on my crank grabs to rubber.

It’s funny you should mention this. After I got back from my two day college orientation, I logged onto unicyclist.com. And guess what we did there? That’s right, we learned how to juggle (myabe 0.00001% of the people there actually got it). I too hope to be able to juggle by the time i go ogg to college, and maybe do it while i ride/idle on my unicycle. My unicycle goals are:

  • improve on hopping
  • improve on the UW
  • improve wheel walking
  • improve on the BC wheel

My goal: Get a job => get more money => get more unicycles.

Getting to lvl 7 wouldn’t be bad either.

My goal is definetly to wheel walk without a wall or fence for a good distance… Also, I want to work on this unicycle movie that I’m in the process of making :slight_smile:


I don’t have goals at the moment but I wouldn’t mind trying to have a go at free-mounting one day. I know I pulled a mussel in my right leg many years ago back in the early 1980’s but that hasn’t stopped me riding Unicycles at all. I did recently pulled a mussel in that leg walking uphill while delivering Newspapers in my area and couldn’t ride for at least 2 weeks. Only one goal at the moment is to have my own business into the future.

Andrew… Good luck with that stunt you are going to do in that Photo. I couldn’t do it what you are doing. Goodluck.


Re: What’s your goal?

ride one footed
100 throws juggling 3 clubs while idling

will your 15sec stillstand happen when u’ve reached the second of the wooden pillars on your photo?
i notice u haven’t planned an exit route

Just over a year ago, I’d owned a unicycle for about 15 years, could freemount it about 75% of the time, but couldn’t idle.

I set myself a goal for the year: to learn to idle.

Just over a year later, I can idle either foot down, idle one footed (either side), reverse, and do a few other simple tricks. I now own 7 unicycles (I use only 5) and I regularly ride 10 - 20 miles in an evening, often on terrain that I would have thought impossible a year ago. My longest rides are 20 miles (on a 20) and 53(ish) on the Coker.

Which shows just how relevant goals can be.

And my goals now? To get back on the Coker when this hand is better. To hold a fencing foil without wincing in pain. To be able to ride the motorbike (to the dealer, to trade it in!).

Unicycling goals? I can hop and jump a bit, but for some (psychological?) reason, I’ve never yet succeeded in jumping onto or over something. It’s never stopped me enjoying my riding, but I suppose it’s something I ought to learn. Also, to do more than 13 miles in an hour on the Coker on 150s. Possibly to do 15 miles in an hour on the Coker on 125s. We’ll see.

Oh, and to get some decent wrist guards.:frowning:

My goals…

my aims are:

-ride 10 miles (most i’ve ridden is 6 miles)

-bunny hop down curbs on the pavement

-ride backwards (any tips on this by the way?)

My goals:

  • Get my KH hub and crank set (its been ordered!)
  • Improve pedal grabs (learn KH style!)
  • Jump higher (onto grit boxes etc)
  • Make a cool video!
  • Stand up w/w (well… maybe)
  • learn to 180 uni-spin
  • be able to w/w bakwards
  • Make more avatars :smiley:

And treepotato, my advise would be to look straight forward (well… where you have just come from) Try and keep looking at the same spot while you ride. DO NOT look were you are going! I know if sounds deft, but it really puts up off balance!
(These are the tips Roger gave me… and they worked! :D)

Good luck everyone!


Re: What’s your goal?

All other interests aside, this presumes that one is school age. I have no three week or more vacation of which I’m aware. :wink:

As for goals, mine are (modest):

  1. Perfect riding backwards including being able to turn
  2. Hop up a 2" (I said modest) curb
  3. Possibly get a start on seat in front
  4. Juggle 100 catches while idling (this has been my goal forever)
  5. Be able to ride to Dunkin Donuts without having to have a donut, let’s say, 4 out of 5 times (did it for the first time yesterday)

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Note to self: one year goal is to be able to do every skill scored 4.5 or less on the Standard Skill list.
I noticed the other day while looking at this list that I could do a lot of the skills, but was going a little vertical in some areas. For instance, I can ride one foot in a figure 8 with either foot, but I cannot ride a straight line with foot extended.
That also encompases most every mount, another area of weakness for me.
Use the list and diversify!
My other goal, although shorter term is to introduce a web based tool for helping me and others achieve goals like this.

Well, I’ve been riding just over 5 months now and really like Muni. My goals are to leran skills that will benefit my style of riding such as idling and hopping. I’m not too worried about skills like wheel walking or riding backwards. Maybe I’ll work on those after I learn how to hop and idle.

Another goal of mine is to get more of my mountain bike riding buddies on one wheel!!!

Like Raphael, The Man is giving me no time off this summer :roll_eyes: , and I have a lot of hobbies that require attention, so my uni-goals are modest (but satisfying):

  1. Go on at least one more 3-day unitour before the summer is out (perhaps to a Gulf Island, or maybe on Vancouver Island? Ride to Courtney from Vancouver? Is there a decent ride from Surrey to somewhere in north Washington? Hmm…)

  2. Improve accuracy of hopping, drops.

  3. Work on seat out in front and jumping, maybe pedal grabs (yeah, I know, I should have got this by now, but it is so satisfying just to go places and do the things I can do, I don’t always have the patience to practice skills).

  4. More all-day muni rides that involve cooling off in a river at the top…

What with living somewhere other than the USA, I’ve got 5 weeks of holiday plus public holidays to take before next April. Mmmm holiday. I’m going to take at least a week of time off to go riding.

This summer, I’ve got two big things I’d like to do, one of them is a long ride I’ve been meaning to do, the other is to get my arse into gear and go riding & camelbak camping (all gear carried in a camelbak) for a week or so.

Oh, I’d quite like to learn to jump seat out properly too and to learn to ride very skinny stuff with corners without falling off all the time.


I have 3 weeks of holidays over the summer, but I don’t expect to be practicing a great deal more than I do now.

Anyway, to the goals:

  1. Take my sons for bike rides with me on my uni (very short term - maybe this week).
  2. Ride at equivalent to Level 2 by end of summer.
  3. Ride 3 km in 40 minutes on my 20" by end of summer. (this is my commute distance :slight_smile: )
  4. Acquire commuter uni by next summer (28"???).


Re: What’s your goal?

On Thu, 19 Jun 2003 11:17:23 -0500, slugbath
<slugbath.pa3wc@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>4. More all-day muni rides that involve cooling off in a river at the
Too bad then that rivers don’t feel attracted to tops :slight_smile:

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“No two crotches are alike. If they are, I don’t want to know about it. - John Foss, on seat comfort.”

To ride this !#$%^& thing as good as Kenny!

To ride my Coker to work as many times as possible between now and NAUCC. 16 mile round trip. That should get me in some kind of shape!

I should post about my new handle setup, with pictures. I’ll try to get some together…