whats your best trick(s)?

ive nailed a lot fo really hard tricks lately so i wanna see if any one else has anything good.whats your best trick/s. just curious.

I think the most extreme trick to date has to be the PeteWhip (or PeteFlip).

Basically, it is a trick invented by our own Pete66 that involves a rolling hop, and whilst in mid air, you do a seatwhip by grabbing the tyre and spinning the frame around the wheel 360 degrees. Then, you simply land back on the unicycle and ride away.

Of course, we are still working on how the hell you land it :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think Pete has a right to name it unless he lands it. It’s not a new concept, it’s just one of those ridiculous tricks that everyone thinks about but doesn’t bother to even try… kindof like grinding on the frame…

Crankflips, unispin crankflips, and crankflips with a 180… (180flips). 360 unispin maybe lol.

And you guys are still working on the “simply” part. :slight_smile:

I remember Peter Holmgren showing me a similar trick that he also hadn’t landed yet. The idea was to do a big hop from a seat drag, flipping the frame underneath you so you would land with the seat in the opposite place. In other words, it would be a no-handed hop from seat drag in front to seat drag in back. I took some pictures of him attempting it (in the snowy street in front of his house), but he hadn’t landed it yet. He said he had broken a few (Miyata) seats in the process. This was in November 1983.

One of the tricks I’m most proud of is backward one-foot spin. Simple concept; hard to do!

wheel grabs, kickouts (as long as i dont sack myself) and seat infront hopping idle without holding onto the seat, those are my favourite i can do regularly, but when i get my glides those will rein (sp?) supreme

I don’t do anything extreme or spectacular by unicyclist standards. My unusual trick is one foot riding with the right foot on the right pedal and the left foot on top of the right foot. Kind of a one sided kangaroo. Not the most graceful but fun to do.

I’d like to get to the point that I can do it one footed with the left foot on the right pedal and the right foot hanging free. But I can’t manage it because my fat calf hits the tire when trying to pedal that way and I can’t manage to contort my leg in such a way that it doesn’t hit the tire. One of these days I’ll get it.

Kickup mount to ww, that I just landed, and perhaps pirouettes. They impress the general populus the most currently :smiley:

Working on a whole slew of other things though.

Hmm, mine might be standup gliding, or somthing. But I havn’t practiced it in AGES, which is what happens ti me regarding freestyle.

damn that sounds really cool, you should video tape it and put it online

Rollback 540’s, gut levers, firehydrant into cherrypicker, backwards framestand into no handed backyard, miami hopper, pinky squeaks, tailwhips, and of course no handed, one footed, coaster wheelies.

Oh wait, you meant unicycle tricks. :thinking:

All I can do is hop.:o

What else are you reffering too?

Those are 1980s BMX tricks, something that I was once very good at, back in those days.

With practice, I hope to be pretty good at unicycling tricks, I’m pushing 40 though, so I have be careful.

Those are amazing BMX skills from my point of view. I love watching the BMXers do that stuff. Tailwhips are amazing. That’s gotta hurt when you miss. I also like watching the flatland style skills.

But now they’re doing back flips as the norm and even doing front flips now. Crazy.

All those tricks I mentioned are flatland tricks. I wasn’t much of a jumper. And yes the stuff they do now is crazy! Makes my stuff look like child’s play! I still ride my old bike sometimes, (a 1985 neon green Haro Master), and occasionally bust off some easier tricks to impress my kid’s friends, but I’m nowhere near as good as I was 20 years ago.

John, it sounds like you are aiming for what’s called cross-over riding. It’s something I’d like to learn, but I don’t think it’s possible on a 24" wheel. Shouldn’t be too hard on my giraffe though…

My best trick so far is probably backward coasting. I’ve done at least 20 meters, or ten meters and ridden out. I’ve also had a little success with backward seat drag, in front and in back.

Wow, backwards coasting! Thats really gotta be hard!

Is there such a trick as stand up coasting? Like with your feet on the forks, and the seat between your lower legs?

My best trick would probably be the UniCan :smiley: . (tire-grab, standstill, no footer) It’s not that hard to do, however I think it looks impressive!



I’m pretty sure this trick has been done - there were photos on this forum of a rider in mid-transition a few months ago. Can’t remember who it was, someone European I think.

Ive seen it being done on a video on this website…