what's wrong with this picture

Find the problem in this pic.

I think he rides with a KH hubset.
I could be wrong but it looks like it.

The yellow bus looks funny, and his foot is on the crank.

Everyone is watching. There is even a camera guy there… What is he riding on?

I know that picture! Hang on, I will shed some light.


[EDIT] I cant find the other view, I swear he had it in one of his videos…

Re: what’s wrong with this picture

“onetrack” wrote in message …
> Find the problem in ‘this’
> (http://koxx-one.com/galerie_photos/trial/trial(13).JPG) pic.

It’s obvious. People are standing around in t-shirts, and in some cases
wearing sun glasses, and no one is carrying an umbrella. Yet one look
at the sky and you can see that it’s just about to tip it down!

Those French certainly are a crazy bunch!


Nothing wrong about that. I don’t know were you live, but at least here anyway, people wear shorts+t-shirt in all kinds of weather, and not very many people use umbrellas.

we have a winner.

looks like yoggi is in for a bad landing:(

Aren’t that KH cranks?

no, thats just us rednecks in montana

I think that they’re prototype Koxx cranks. I might be wrong though.

i noticed the foot on crank thing but was beaten to it, the cranks look like the k1 prototypes that xav also uses

As far as i know, that are cranks like the KH but 10 splined (ISIS)

k1 prototype, like kh but w/ less q

Could be black Profiles

in street motion, i think it is, xav rides an onza trials

I know whats wrong! he’s not wareing a helmet :stuck_out_tongue: thats whats wrong;)

No sign of head, knee, wrist, or crotch(!) protection.

ehheh he is really going to a bad landing

I am not worried about the foot on the crank, cause I have landed a few drops and gaps like that, it just makes your foot twist up and rub on the crank, putting your foot at a weird twist. I am more worried about the guy he is jumping.