Whats wrong with my uni?

I’ve had plenty of problems to do with my uni in th past, but this one really has me puzzeled. Every time I take a pedal an unhealthy creaking sound can be heard. My cranks are secure, but it sounds like it’s coming from that kind of area. I use my uni for trials and i know that loads of problems are due to 5 foot+ drops (i can now do a 5 foot almost every time!!!). Is this the problem?

My uni is a cheap freestyle uni that i upgraded, (new tyre, new cranks, new pedals) i’m getting the ONZA soon but I would like to have my present one fixed. Please help!

If you can ride one-footed, isolate which side is noisy. After 5 foot drops, suspect the pedal bearings first.

I think this question pops up her fairly regularly. Does your uni have lollipop bearing holders? If so, check the tightness of the bolts that hold the lollipops to the frame. I had that problem once.

I had this last night - rode fast (by my 'umble standards) for half an hour, then some slower stuff, then went up one steeep hill and suddenly developed a creak on every left pedal stroke. 3 times I stopped and tightened the crank nut. It improved it but didn’t cure it.

Tonight I removed the crank, cleaned the taper on the axle, put the crank on and walloped it hard with a rubber mallet (taking care to support the other end of the axle) then I put the nut on tight.

Not had time to test it yet, but it worked on my 26 when I had the same symptoms.

if this doesn’t work, you will have to use only the other foot… you will be up the creak without a pedal.:smiley:

your uni is just pants Sherm, just accept it ok
and i know for a FACT that you would chicken out on a 5’
Just stating the truth

(sorry about the plant pot)

Cor. I’d chicken out of a 5’ drop, creaking uni or not!

I’m working on going upwards rather than downwards. Less destructive on the uni and me…

Phil, just me

Sherman’s a chicken at all tricks, he just aint got the guts, good uni or not :sunglasses:

Hang on, Phil… let’s work this out:

There’s a 5 foot wall. One of our lemming-like junior colleagues decides to ride from the top of the wall to the ground; you decide to ride from the ground to the top of the wall…

I see little obvious difference in terms of unicycle destruction, although your version may be more amusing to the onlooker.:smiley:

Ah… well, I haven’t got quite that far yet. What skill level is “levitation”?

“Upwards” as in when riding around I tend to look for things to try and jump up onto, rather than jump off. Presumably there’s a little difference as to the relative obtainable heights for each direction…

Phil, just me

Er, James

YOU HAVE SEEN ME DO A FIVE FOOT DROP, AND YOU KNOW IT!!! Also I'm merely realistic with the tricks I attempt, which is hardly the same as chickening out. My uni is not great and that is why i'm getting a new one, HOWEVER, it was good enough for you as it is the uni that you learnt every single trick you know on, so its not really that bad is it?

Finally, you damn right be sorry. It was fortunate that we could clear up the mess but you will have to pay for a new pot to replace the one you smashed (JAMES MANAGED TO RIDE INTO A FLOWER POT ARRANGEMENT IN MY BACK GARDEN).

well, no comment on the drops - I persued the huge drops myself at one stage, but it’s easier on gear and MUCH harder all round to go up stuff - this is where the big challenge lies.