Whats wrong with me?

I think I am doing something wrong with my sidehopping because I can only get 41 inches whereas on my forward hop I can get 51 inches. I’ve been reading other threads and it seems that most people can sidehop alot farther than they can front hop.

Anyone have any tips on side hopping?

Nothing is wrong with you.

Judging from the results at Unicon forward hopping is a much more effective technique than side hop. It allows you to convert forward riding momentum into a bit more added distance. Even with a pre hop you will not have as much momentum as what you can build up in an approach to a forward hop.

Most people I know who are into gapping distances can gap further with a forward hop. For example, my max side hop is 60 inches whereas my forward hop is 79 inches.

Hope that helps reassures you.

I’m not talking about a rolling hop but just hopping forward from a standstill, like that you would do during trials. (I hope you were talking about a rolling hop because 79 inches is a hell of a hop.)

Wow, 2m! Please tell me you’re coming to UniNats in October…I need to see this. Nice work.