What's Wrong with Giraffe?

Been riding my 5 fter around lately and the only thing that concerns me is this popping feeling and sound I get when I ride the cycle. The best way I can describe it is when I’m pedaling, it occurs, but not always, and feels to me like the unicycle is popping one of it’s joints (like when you pop your knee after sitting for a while). What can this be? The chain, the crank(s)?
Let me know and thanks!

sounds like a loose chain, bent sprocket, or a missing tooth.

probably the cranks need to be tightened

Could be many things. Could be the chain is too tight and binding at a certain point. Could be that the chain sprockets are not in alignment with each other. Could be that one the sprockets is not properly centered on its axle. Could be the bottom bracket is loose. Could be …

Take the unicycle to a bike shop. They’ll be able to diagnose the problem.

If it helps, it really does it when I stand up on the pedals and pedal a few feet to straighten the seat under me.

Sounds like the bottom bracket bearings. Take it apart and check the lubrication. I used to get that all the time on my Bmx, the bearings would dry out, come out of the cage and get munched up!

Hope that helps!

Rock on!

Ew, get sealed bearings.

Not trying to be rude or funny, but if you have to stand up and pedal while you straighten up your seat, it sounds like your not familiar with the operation of the common wrench (spanner).
With that being said, tighten your axel (hub) bearings, spokes, bottom bracket (such a cycle term, it’s more like a middle bracket on a giraffe uni) and definately your SEATPOST CLAMP. That way, you will never have to stand up and straighten your seat, thus solving the popping problem.

If you tighten and adjust everything once in awhile and the problem persists, then take it to your LBS and have it adjusted by a pro.

Well I say its the chain skipping/jumping off the cog for one link… usually happens if you stand up and pedal hard on a BMX with a slightly loose chain :roll_eyes:

No, it’s when I’m mounting and my shorts get stuck on the back of the seat, so I have to stand up on the pedals, pull my shorts free, then sit back down without doing damage to my nuts

try new pedals that could be the problem, als after that its got to be either the bottom bracket bearings or the chain. Try taking the chain off the cogs then just free spinning the crank, see if it spins smoothly or wether it stop suddenly. Also just t be safe
lay it on its side and put lubrication into the gap between the bottom bracket cups and axel (prefereably a thick lubricant) and leave for a while ot soak into all the bearing, repeat this on the otherside. that could sort your problem, also check your chain / cogs for wear.

I concur with John Childs that it sounds like your chain is occasionally catching on a tooth. Chain tension is relatively critical on a giraffe; you want it tight but not too tight. Too loose and it can derail, which can lead to broken bones. If you’re not sure what’s right, have a bike shop look at it. When you squeeze the two sides of the chain in the middle, they shouldn’t deflect more than 1/2" or so on each side. If they barely move at all, you’re probably too tight.