whats UPD??

I hear all these terms for UPD’ed and stuff like that. what does it mean??

correct me if im wrong, but isn’t it “unplanned dismount”? not necessarily a bad fall or anything, from what i understand…

UnPlanned Dismount

We don’t say ‘fall’ because you don’t actually fall…unless of course you just took a big header…then you clearly ‘fell’

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“Sofa” <Sofa@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

> UnPlanned Dismount

Which, by the way, is the eighth definition (of nine) returned by
www.acronymfinder.com. I’m amazed it made it there.


You may not find the answer to “What’s does UPD mean?” in the FAQ, but it should be the first answer in the list!

I think I might have submitted it. I also submitted one of the meanings for the acronym RSU. Afterwards I regretted not capitalising the first letter of each word, but it doesn’t really matter.

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On Wed, 14 Apr 2004 22:55:51 -0500, “Rowan” wrote:

>I think I might have submitted it.

Maybe you did, but I did as well, almost 1.5 years ago. See

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OK you must have submitted it then Klaas, I submitted some other unicycle related acronym after not finding it in there. My memory isn’t too good, unlike yours. Maybe I submitted Tuni!

UnPlanned Dismount

We have major UPDs and minor UPDs. Major ones are sometimes called “crash”. Unless intentional, anytime you come off the Uni is a UPD. But we say its only a “crash” if something other than your feet hits the ground. (like your hands, or a shoulder, or a face)
:astonished: -one’s expression during a UPD

I like UPD with Extreme Prejudice.

It’s an Unexplained Paranormal Dismount.


So If I walked up to one of you sometime and was talking about a ride, would it be right to say “up-da” in speaking conversation refering to a UPD? Or would you say unplanned dismount?

My humble guess is: I’d say “you - pee - dee.”

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“digigal1” <digigal1@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> wrote in message
> My humble guess is: I’d say “you - pee - dee.”

A savings of exactly one syllable, but hey, if we weren’t quirky…

Sunday, while on a MUni ride with S_Wallis, I coined a new term (SUPD). After riding the Coker exclusively, upon getting back to MUni on my 24x3, I found myself dismounting for no good reason. I made a remark to Scott about all my Stupid UPD’s (SUPD’s).
These SUPD’s occur for no apparent reason, usually after clearing a more difficult section, then dismounting while riding on the easy stuff:D :wink:

Thanks for the new avatar inspiration!

Is that pronounced “sue-pee-dee?”?

I’ve always liked the argument (previously somewhere on this forum) that there is no such thing as an “unplanned” dismount. All dismounts are planned even if at the very last instantaneous moment. :slight_smile:

Then on another tack, I wonder if it’s possible for the unicycle to plan the dismount. Sometimes I think my ride continuously scans the upcoming terrain looking for the opportune moment to pitch me headfirst into the vast stretches of the stratosphere.


Whenever I read it, I read “up-dee”

i, and anyone I’ve heard say it out loud have always just said the three letters…you - pee - dee

I never thought it would be up for discussion…that’s weird! What does Andrew_Carter with his funky lighbulbs call it?

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True, true. Actually, unplanned is one word. We could change uplanned dismount to “UD,” and UPD could mean something else. Like Unicycling Penile Discomfort. :smiley: