What's up with this unicycle?

While looking through the reviews section, I came across a german unicycle website called municycle.com. I looked through their catalog, and came across this:

I think its all it says it is. A handlebar unicycle.


Yeah Darchibald is right though I’m sure it’s a great way to learn how to ride with the seat in front. How come peoiple never make unicycles that have handlebars and the seat?

People have made those before.
I think there’s a picture of one on unicycling.com.

I think Daino has one. I’ve been interested in how high you could hop with one of those. Maybe if you turned the handlebars so they lined up with the wheel it’d be similar to seat out hopping. It’d be great if someone stuck some handlebars into a 19" trials wheel set up.

It’s true, I had one for a while. Actually, I still have all the parts. It was made from a Stealth Torker frame and wheel set mated to a Razor style scooter handle.

I was amazed at how hard it was to ride. Of course, that was before I learned to ride seat out, so I would probably have an easier time riding it now.

Here are some pics of mine:

I found it easier to ride a handle bars uni than ride seat out. I used to use my knees to stop the frame falling over and ride no hands. that was easier than riding holding the bars. Once or twice i rode it in races to handicap myself when I thought I was the best rider there.


worminton - i’ve seen cokers with handle bars. though, i don’t see how they would work productively for anything besides a long distance coker.

was i the only one that cracked up at that description?

I made on of those out of my scooter and torker LX. I though I was being original at the time, then I found out someone stole my idea!! that really bummed me out. same with the impossible wheel. when I started riding, I was fixing my bike, and I took the front wheel off, and put the other peg on it. I said to myself, “I wonder if you could ride this thing?” that reay dissapointed me. oh well, back to the drawing board!!

I tried a handlebar uni at NAUCC last summer with high handlebars and found hard to ride.

Our handlebar uni is not too bad to ride. We took the handlebars off a cheap thrift-store bike and used the expansion bolt on the stem to hold it inside an old uni frame.

The kids pick it up pretty quick and its pretty easy to hop too.

Here I am riding it. Sorry about the focus; I’m either riding real fast or Abby is a better model than photographer. :wink: