What's up need advice

I just bought the Nimbus trials through my local bike shop to save a good chunk of change after thrashing two el cheapo Torkers and the crappy 24" Schwinn. Well they had some problems with the order because I guess they were out of stock on the website and when it finally came in the Nimbi had the Kris Holms rim and the Nimbus Isis hub, I’m not complaining or anything but I ordered it with 125mm cranks and I think it came with 145 because they feel ridiculously long. And I’m just going to buy the upgrade cranks and thought about the Qu-Ax CrMo, or should I wait for the KH Moments to be back in stock, thanks

Does it not say the length of the cranks on the cranks?

Nope, I measured the bolt hole centers on the crank and it was at 14.5 cm or 145 mm, and I don’t feel like taking it to the bike shop because they were being a pain about ordering the unicycle in the first place

Oh ok.

I would just get the KH moments somewhere else. They may not be in stock in UDC, but I’m sure other stores have them.

Ok, thanks man

If you ordered it w/ the Moments and paid the difference, the bike shop should honor that and order new ones for you or at least refund you the difference.

Some prefer longer cranks for trials. If you can, try someone elses uni to confirm whether or not you prefer shorter cranks, then get new strong cranks in that size (KH 125 or 137, Qu-Ax ChroMo 125, 145, Onza 140 mm). I’d save the originals as an emergency back up pair just in case something happened to your strong ones, so you can still ride while waiting for replacements.