What's this trick called?

On isaacs video at 0:29

I wanna do it, Does anyone know what its called and have a video with alot of them in it or advice? :smiley: Thanks

I’ve seen it before in other videos… but this is the only one I can remember at the moment

I would call it a 180 body varial to cranks.

But I have no Idea of the offical name.

I call it a big fat fall :wink:


Well he didnt land it in the video… just trying to give an idea :smiley:

I’ll try searching 180 body varial to cranks

Does anyone have tips on doing this trick?

take your back foot off the pedals and place it on the tire. Then jump off with your foot on the pedal and the foot on the tire and do a 180 unispin

ooooh… ok thanks :smiley:

I filmed some but I just finished dinner. ill put up a vid in a bit.

Sorry for the bad lighting, i did it in my basement.

that lighting was bad;) , but i could tell what you were doing. i should try that, i think i might be able to get that one…might

Awesome, Thanks :smiley:
Once I can do unispins (im reeeaaally close) Im gonna try doing those Thanks alooot!

Btw. When I try unispins, I land my feet on the pedals… But the seat flies forward when I get my weight on the uni :frowning: Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks :smiley:

i just learned unspins… like last week. so i learned by landing on the cranks, and just put your wieght back, and hold the seat from flying forward like you say it was.if you land on the cranks it helps keep the wheel from spinning a bit but now im have th trouble of getting myself to land on the pedals rather than the cranks so i can ride away from it easier. good luck with that!

I’ll try that
Thanks :smiley:

For some reason it seems easier to land on the pedals cuz I suck with hopping on the cranks :stuck_out_tongue:

wasn’t it just a varial? but he put his foot on the tire halfway? There was no unispin. Watch it again the uni doesn’t move…

I pmed him and he said its a stepover :smiley:

Yea definatly a step over. I was sort of learning them and can land the acational one I always find the wheel trys to roll forward when standing on the crank, I have moments and find it hard standing on them.

The way I learnt them was from starting off as a mount. Step up onto the tyre with what would be your back foot then flick round and land on the pedals. When you get that start on the uni with your front foot on the crank, take your back foot around pushing the frame back a bit (with your arms), place your back foot on the tyre (like you were doing in the mount) and flick round land on the pedals and ride off.

The problem I have (like I wrote before) is that the wheel trys to roll forward. I think the key is to doing it fast so it doesnt have a chance to roll far but one thing I found that helped was to do it facing up a slight slope.

Hope this helps, I think its right and good advice but I can barly land them myself :o

Yeah thats a stepover…but that was not me…It was Jordan Barkey…He did land it in his actual video.

We dont care :smiley:

I do

Ok I dont care but uh the jdw does, Happy now?