What's this trick called????

What’s it called when you jump from standard position to hopping on the wheel?
In other words, you end up standing on the wheel facing sideways with one foot on either side of the forks. And most of all, how do you do this?

In Standard Skill, it’s called “Riding to stand up wheel walk”. Standard Skill names are pretty boring. It’s number 111g, and it’s worth 4.0 points. :slight_smile:

But he’s not walking and he’s perpendicular to the wheel, not in line.

Wouldn’t it be 90 uni spin to wheel?

Yeah, it’s a 90 unispin.

Okay…How does one do this?

What are some steps on how to do this successfully because I have tried and had very little luck…

D’oh! My bad. It was late and I had just been staring at that list, working on the formatting in user-friendly Microsoft Word. :stuck_out_tongue:

Practice hopping on the wheel first. Keep your feet in close to the frame, and don’t hop if the uni gets too far over to the side; you can mess up your wheel. In time, the hopping part will become very easy. Then work on the transition.

have both hands on one side of the seat. both on the left if you spin the uni clockwise and both on the right if you spin counter clockwise. Jump high, you can never jump too high. practice jumping from the ground to the wheel (not spinning it and already having it sideways) and also practice jumping from the pedals high then back on the pedals (this is optional). this helps with commitment. if landing on the pedals is too scary jump from the pedals, twist the wheel 90 degrees and land on the ground to make sure you can clear the wheel. after you get the jump down, make sure you do not spin until you feet have cleared the wheel. as you jump bring your legs up not out. this will help with the landing. when you land, have no space between your feet and the inside of your foot on both sides. otherwise you’ll probably fall off from the tire moving.

last little bit of info is don’t put any of your weight through you hands on to the seat or it will roll away from you. your hands are merely there so it doesn’t fall and stays still. and as always, you must commit. when you land don’t bend your knees and stick your but out or you’ll fall backwards. and practice bouncing on the wheel so you can stabilize yourself once you actually can jump up there. good luck

I’ll work on it

Okay thanks, I’ll try that for a couple of weeks or so