Whats the worst/ most hilrious things people have asked you?

Title says it all.I’ll start it off- while I was practicing at a local skate park(major low quality!), a kid about 2 years older than me asked why I bought a unicycle, “for S**ts and laughs or what” he said
And another time someone in my math class(i think) Told me i’d get beat up one day for riding.

Nice quality kids, huh?

i get alot of WOWs and such. i was riding with my friends and he was like “im surprized we havnt been busted by the cops” as soon as he said that a cop comes rolling up just as im hoping up this wall and he stops and was like “wow thats really cool, i had one when i was a kid.” we started talking and i offered him a ride on it but he declined.

i went into a bike shop and asked the mechanical to fix my chain and he looked at me and said yeah sure and ill replace your headset while im at it too. hahahahah

I had a kid ask if she could ride the unicycle, then said, “It’s your fault if I get hurt, right?”

She’ll probably grow up to be a lawyer.

I get a lot of laughs from 30ish women drinking coffee in front of a bar

they just want you to THINK its coffee:p , btw i think this belongs in jc. Actually there is probably already a thread about this, im just to lazy to find one and post it in here.

Today I…(brag thread)

search that and see for yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

I was approached by a chav once when riding and he said “mate do you want children when your older” thinkin he was all hard and stuff, so i said “yeh mate … but not with you” that was funny.

I thought so too. :thinking:

once a little kid came up to me and asked me if i was blind because i was missing a wheel?

I had a guy flash me a big smile one time when i was out cokering around and he said,
“Well, I guess it’s half the effort huh?”
It was my favorite comment i ever got.


my favourite was from a lady on the waterfront, she said whats that called, i simply said a unicycle?

I always get boys who think they’re all macho and say, “I can do that too,”
and when I offer to let them use it they say something like,“I’m not wearing the right shoes.” Or they try to ride it and fall on thier butts.

“do a wheelie”

i get that so much, it was semi funny/clever the first time, but its just plain annoying now.
i hate it when people try to get you to fall of by beeping horns or yelling out of cars…

Probably the best one for me was when this lil kid at the park. On his banana seat and trainig wheels (no lie) asked me to do a trick. Then he proceeded to call me an idiot right in front of his father. It was soo adorable. His father apologized but I didn’t have too big of a problem with it. Sometimes lil kids can be hilarious. And when I get asked what happened to the rest of my bike I tell them " I only locked up my handle bars. That bloody theif got the other half".

My favourite has to be when people tell me that riding a tricycle is stupid.

Since moving away from Glasgow back to live with mother however noone shouts anything,they just chase after me and try to stab me! Which is nice.

How’s yer shoulder?

Changes are good:D

lots of people say do a backflip so i say ok and then do one

I was walking up the slight slope of my street to mount my BC wheel, and some lady riding one of those cruiser bikes with the curvy frames said, “I wish you luck kind sir!”, I replied with “Thank you fair lady!” I wish she had stopped to watch, I wonder what she would have said after seeing me ride it?

I was riding my bike yesterday, and a couple times I had kids ask where my “One wheeler” was.

A friend and I were out with our unis at night one day before school started again in 2006, and someone driving in our direction on the same street made a right turn too sharply and went onto the curb and partway into that yard, presumably after the sight of two unicyclists distracted him. Might just be due to the darkness.