Whats the widest uni hub?

I’ve searched the forms and seen that semicycle and Schwinn both make wide hubs but I can’t find actual dimensions for them.

Basically I building a freewheel tricycle and I need a uni hub so I can put clutch bearings in it. But the bearings need to be about 5" on center (127mm?) to fit the fork I’m building. Can anyone point me toward a hub that might fit?

Here’s what I have so far…

I think this is the widest hub available:


Not sure if it meets your needs though.

If that is too wide there is also the less wide version here: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=738

Unicycle hubs don’t freewheel, so you may want to look elsewhere for your project. Coker made a penny farthing with a freewheeling front wheel a few years ago; whatever they used for their hub would probably be a better match.

Good luck on your project!

i wish i knew where to get one of those.

Do you mean this one?

and I think they sell it here

use the Unicycle.com Spoke Calculator as it gives the hub diameter and width in the second stage.
you should also find it useful for errr… calculating the length of the spokes you need…

Thanks for all the beta. I probably looked at the unicycle.com hub page 20 times. It makes me feel pretty special that I never noticed the words, “EXTRA WIDE”, in bold print.

I think I have it figured out now. I’ve entirely dismantled the front wheel that came with the trike frame and figured out how to make a freewheel hub that will work. It might also work for uni so I’ll post a break down of the idea in another thread.

ah, the real trick is to look for the one that says Super Wide CrMO Hub, which is an inch wider at 125mm between centres. This also exists in ISIS crank configuration, although i am unsure of availability.

yea but i just want the hub