what's the weight of the torker dx?

what’s the weight of the torker dx?

the Qu-Ax weighs in at 14.44 pounds, and the DX is just slightly heaver than that.

I think the DX is 14.75 Pounds.

what size?

what size are you referring to? 20 or 24???

I just weighed my Qu-Ax 24" muni, it is 17 pounds!!

does this sound right, or perhaps my scales are wrong??

That sounds about right for the Muni. Biger rim,tube,tire, longer spokes, longer cranks, bigger frame. That all adds up to be around 17.

The trials version has much shorter and less metal then the muni, making it lighter. =p

yeah makes sense.

BTW, Does anyone have a weight for the 24" Torker unistar DX Muni???

I would be interested to see how the weight compares to the 24" Qu-Ax Muni

I dont, but I bet its a bit heavier than it. You could always e-mail UDC and ask them for the weight.