whats the w-i-d-e-s-t tyre that will fit in a V-brake?

i think its like a 2.6 but im not sure i remember.

anybody using a V-brake on somthing wider than 2.3

there’s a pic of a red MUni with a V-brake on it,anybody got that pic?

i think it may have been Leo Whites but not sure…

Kris used a V-brake many years ago. It would have been with a fat tire. Try contacting him and see if he has a picture of his setup from way back then.

yeah thats the one in that “Dirty Dreams” video right?

and on that tilted challenge poster.


jagur, if you’re interested, I have 1 Magura setup that i would be willing to sale very cheap (make me an offer). I am not planning on putting brakes on my MUni and it has been sitting in the “bike parts bin” for quite a while.